Things to Know About Any Community Before the Move

Moving to a new community is often worrisome. For one, we aren’t familiar with the streets, restaurants, crime rate, neighbors, banks, or local government. Too many of us do one Google search about a community of interest and fall in love with the stock photos of beautiful neighborhoods and smiling people. Here are some things to know before you pack your bags to head across town to a new home or apartment.

Crime Rate

Always take the time to find out what the crime rate is for a new community you want to move into. No matter if you’re single or have a big family, it’s important to know for your safety. You can search the community name and enter the words “crime rate” and often it will pull up some information or statistics. Search the local police department website to see what current or past crimes occurred in the last 24 hours. Look for crimes that occurred in or around the neighborhood you’re moving to. This information says a lot about a community. It can also help you make a final decision on whether to move there.

Community Events

Find out what current or future community events are happening in your new community. These can often tell a newcomer what the community believes in and cares about. Some might have a design show on barn doors or celebrate its history. Use the local city or government website to find events you can attend. It’s wise to bring your family or take part in these events to learn more about the community. It gives you an opportunity to meet new people and hear what they think about the neighborhood or local government.

Local Government

Check the local government website to see what issues are going on in the community. Always make note of who the local government officials are that run the community. This could be the mayor, the city council leader, or the sheriff. It’s never pleasant to see a community embroiled in scandal or dealing with misappropriation of funds. As a community member, this affects your family and the hard-working dollars you have to pay in taxes to live there. Your local government is the strong leadership of the community and shows how well it’s run.


What are the activism issues happening in the community or neighborhood you want to live in? Use the internet to find out fast. Tune in on what’s been happening in the last year. Learning about community activism tells you how involved the residents are in that area. It’s an insight into what the local government has done to mitigate problems. If you’re a person who likes to get involved in community issues, then learning about activism in your new area is helpful. Consider visiting some of the activism centers, and chat with the leaders.


Every community has its issues. Tolerance of different types of people is one of them. You can get a good idea of community tolerance by reading local news. It gives you the dark side of the community many residents don’t want to talk about. Tolerance is important if you have a mixed family or are a part of a targeted group often preyed upon by law enforcement. Take the time to talk with residents of the same race or cultural background to get the truth of how tolerant the community is. No one wants to move next to a neighbor where there is contention tormenting your family.

These are things to know about any community before you move in. Consider what the crime rate is by doing a simple internet search or looking at the local police website. This helps to ensure your family’s safety by knowing what crimes are happening. Find out what’s going on within the local government and who the key officials are by name. Note the type of activism that’s occurring in the community and try to meet with the leaders. Search the community events to attend and meet local residents. This is a great way to get a feel for the neighborhood and gain new friends. Always take note of the community’s tolerance for your cultural background or lifestyle.