Travelling Light This Summer? Advantages of Seeing The World on A Single Speed Bike

Have you ever noticed that the modern world is in a serious hurry?

People are always rushing about to get stuff done, to the point that some people forget to look at the world around them as they walk through it. This is where many people who ride bikes have an advantage, as in order to be safe on a bike, you have to take in the world around you, with the freedom to stop and stare if you want to.

Of course, long-distance trips on a single-speed bike may seem daunting to some, but there are many advantages to this mode of travel that have been long forgotten due to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

In this article, the benefits of taking long-distance trips on a one-speed bike will be explored, so you can see if this is a mode of transport you want to take a trip on.

It’s Simpler

Firstly, riding single speed bikes allows for a simpler and more efficient way of traveling. The absence of gears and other complicated components means that there is less to worry about in terms of mechanical failure, and it also means that there are fewer parts to maintain. This simplicity can make it easier to focus on the journey itself and enjoy the experience of traveling by bike, for instance, take in the sights more easily whether it be the Moulin Rouge in Paris or London Bridge.. simply hop off, park up and explore!

It’s Slower (and that’s a good thing!)

Secondly, traveling on a one-speed bike encourages a slower pace of travel. Without the option to shift into a higher gear, riders must rely on their own physical strength and endurance to ride a bike up hills and through rough terrain. This slower pace of travel can be advantageous in many ways; it allows for a more relaxed and meditative experience, and it also allows for more significant opportunities to appreciate the natural surroundings.

It’s Sustainable

Long-distance riding on a one-speed bike promotes a more sustainable form of travel. Bikes have a much smaller carbon footprint than cars, and by choosing to travel by bike instead of by car, individuals are taking steps toward reducing their impact on the environment. Additionally, traveling by bike allows individuals to experience the journey more fully, as they are not isolated inside a vehicle.

It’s Affordable

Travelling on a one-speed bike can be a more affordable form of travel. The cost of purchasing and maintaining a bike is significantly lower than the cost of owning a car, and by choosing to travel by bike instead of by car, individuals can save money on fuel and other transportation costs. Additionally, traveling on a bike can be a more budget-friendly way to explore new places, as it allows individuals to camp and stay in less expensive accommodations.

It’s Rewarding

Finally, traveling on a one-speed bike can be a rewarding and empowering experience. Riding long distances on any type of bike requires a great deal of physical strength and endurance, and completing a long-distance trip can be a source of pride and accomplishment. Additionally, traveling on a single-speed bike allows individuals to push themselves out of their comfort zones and experience a greater sense of freedom and independence.