Wavez Art Exhibition

Birmingham native Wavez, presents her solo exhibition from her studio in Digbeth. Wavez was set to take part in a group exhibition in London but when this unfortunately or fortunately fell through, Wavez took matters into her own hands and decided to open her studio to showcase her work.

Wavez’s work is a cathartic process which is explored with a mixture of bold, vivid colors and sometimes words. These elements together create powerful, emotional and thought-provoking visual experiences which lean towards the style of abstract-expressionism.

Her displayed works in this upcoming exhibition explore the themes of anxiety, identity, love and lust. The exhibition will be open on the 13th & 14th August. Original artworks will be on sale along with a limited amount of prints.

Tickets can be purchased via the eventbrite link for £3.50

Wavez Art Exhibition Eventbrite