Wearing the right jewelry for a refreshing summer

In summer, a woman’s wardrobe is always short of a small skirt, or long or short; or composed or dazzling, or contracted or luxurious. However, in addition to the beautiful clothing in the hot summer, jewelry is also essential. However, the different materials and styles of jewelry are suitable for different styles of dressing. Even the wearing position, the length and even the size will affect the curve or spiritual temperament of the body. Let’s take a look at some of the jewelry that is exclusive to the summer.

Summer jewelry matching point: Cool. Girls wear less and less clothes in summer, and more and more body parts are exposed. Of course, it is time for all kinds of jewels shine. Whether it is white gold monogram necklaces, bracelet, armband or earrings, there are good opportunities for display. Against the gradual rise in temperature, choose some styles that are chic, with cool-toned jewels, like fresh aquamarine, cold-collected emeralds, bright sapphires… through the bright visual feast of jewels, it will immediately heal the heat! Let’s walk together in the hot summer days!

Summer jewelry matching point: Plain color embellishes the most temperament. Normally the dress of summer will choose solid colors, such as black, red, blue, gray, etc., in order to break this monotony, you need other colors to set off. Generally speaking, clothes such as red, blue and even black can be decorated with shiny diamond jewelry. The simple and fashionable design style will not be arrogant.

Summer jewelry matching point: The simpler and more fashionable. I believe that you are already wanting to wear the small floral skirt, fringed skirt, pleated skirt in the closet. These are your summer robes, but this kind of small skirt itself is already very design and very eye-catching, so it is relatively difficult to match. It is recommended to avoid the complicated and colorful gemstone inlaid jewelry when choosing jewelry accessories. The simple and atmospheric jewelry can be combined with the small skirt without any sense of contradiction. The overall style will be stronger and the fashion sense will be up.

The hot summer sun is like a fire, and all the tiresome decorations were left out. The cool-colored jewels ushered in the returning moment, sweeping away the heat under the sun. Who can resist the temptation of cool feeling under the scorching sun? The blue gems with ice-blue power are like a cool sea breeze with cooling magic. When a blue jewel is close to the skin, this summer has become light and translucent! The blue couples jewelry that are blown out by the sea breeze are best for you with white skin, mysterious and noble, flamboyant and not ostentatious. Blue gemstones are the royal gemstones of many high-end jewelry. They are also the protagonists in the high-end custom, and are the indispensable core elements in the jewelry design to express the icy ocean theme. The nobility and coldness of sapphire, the cold and clear of aquamarine gemstone makes people addictive. The earrings swayed in the face, and the face that was visually swayed by the sun quickly cooled down, leaving the skin fresh and radiant. The breeze winds around the neck, the boundless sky, the blue ocean, the vast universe, and the blue rules all the widest things. Blue also symbolizes eternity and balance. A string of blue gems around the neck that brings the wind of freedom to the heart will surely gather the beauty of the summer. Put your hand into the cool sea water in this impetuous summer, pick up the waves. You don’t have to go to the beach, a pure sapphire ring will let your fingertips blow a soft and calm sea breeze in the euphoria, let the eyeballs play with the heart and let it cool.