11 Shows to Celebrate Digbeth Arena’s 1st Birthday!

The outdoor Birmingham venue will celebrate its 1st birthday with 11 spectacular shows across various weekends this summer.

Following the success of its first year, Digbeth Arena has unveiled a rich programme of 11 live music and DJ-led events coming to Birmingham this summer.

From May until August, the venue will host events ranging from Sara Cox – Can’t Get Enough of the 80’s, FOALS (sold out), ColourFest, Orbital (LIVE) – Full AV Show, The House & Garage Orchestra and Birmingham’s first outdoor Food and Film Festival.

Located in the heart of Birmingham, Digbeth Arena’s impressive open-air space will create a metropolitan festival-esque atmosphere, and will feature a variety of pop-up food stalls and bars available at every show.

Benjamin Newby, Operations Director at The MJR Group, said:

We’re really looking forward to the shows this summer. You can now see your favourite artists, basking in the summer’s glorious sunshine (hopefully!), without the need for an expensive weekend festival ticket or travelling miles away from the city to a festival site.

Digbeth showcases the sheer diversity of the events held at the venue and welcomes everyone down to celebrate a fantastic first year.

Digbeth Arena 1st Birthday Summer Programme:

11-May-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena – Sara Cox – Just Can’t Get Enough 80’s!

31-May-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena – Orbital – Full AV Show

07-June-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena & The Mill – Carnival Magnifico 2019

08-June-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena & The Mill – A Weird and Wonderful Day Out

15-June-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena – FOALS (SOLD OUT)

16-June-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena – FOALS (SOLD OUT)

22-June-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena – 0121 Fest w/ Nathan Dawe

05-July-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena – Billy Ocean

06-July-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena – ColourFest

27-July-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena – Birmingham’s Food and Film Festival

10-August-19 – Birmingham Digbeth Arena – The House & Garage Orchestra

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