2021/22 Championship Title Hotting Up!

The Championship football league has undergone many name changes over the years, but is essentially still known as league two to most Brits. It is a hotbed of rising talent and an exciting place for those who follow football religiously, with people placing bets on sites, with the hope of winning a nice cash lump sum whilst having the kudos of being in-the-know when it comes to football’s peaks and troughs.

It is the place to watch minnows grow into fully fledged soccer sharks with a lust for taking out top teams in the F.A. Cup and Premier League if they make the grade.

There are local teams such as Birmingham City F.C. Who seem to be destined to a life sitting mid table within the Championship or second division, and former premier league one hit wonders such as Blackburn Rovers, Cardiff City and Fulham, who seem to sneak up, have good success then gradually slide back into the second dvision.

This season, 2021/22, the pandemic really does seem to have shaken things up a bit, however, there doesn’t seem to be any clear league winners as yet, with Fulham in first place having played 31 games on 64 points, with Bournemouth a game behind on 58 points, then a glut of teams around the 50 point mark who all have the chance of reaching pole position but also just as importantly from a betting point of view, end up in the play off position which could land them up in with the big boys of the Premier League.

Those in the play offs or within reach include, Blackburn, QPR, Huddersfield, Sheffield United, Middlesbrough, Luton, Nottingham Forrest, Coventry and West Brom, the last two being local teams.

Any of those teams reaching the Premiership will be a huge result for fans, and those placing bets also.

The fortunes of playing against giants such as Liverpool, Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal are not only financially rewarding for the clubs, it also gives fans of these smaller teams, a real buzz.

As it is a closer call for the Championship than the Premier League table, the games will be scrutinised by the betting fraternity to see what kind of odds can be achieved with fastidious betting techniques.

While the Premier League gains the majority of spotlight in sports news channels, press and media, the Championship league continues to spice things up for soccer fans with many local rivalries and grudge matches yet to take place which, could lead to Premiership goals next season.

Watch this space, and look out for an exciting title race.