5 Facts about England worth Mentioning in Your Essay

If you ask a college student about the most challenging and time-consuming task, you will surely hear a lot of impressive stories about essay writing. While some learners lack time to craft an impeccable paper worth the highest grades, others do not have the necessary knowledge and skills that will draw them closer to successful results. However, in the overwhelming majority of instances, everything depends on the topic of the essays. Some projects are exceptionally interesting and involving, so the students are ready to compromise other activities in order to research the information and find extraordinary facts in a specific field.

It is inevitable to mention that creative writing presupposes the unique combination of determination and flexibility. The writer should present only relevant and true-to-life facts in an interesting way. Additionally, it is essential to follow a standard structure of the essay if you want it to be highly scored and appreciated by the professor.

Basic Recommendations about Essay Writing

Writing a college essay about England may be challenging, especially if it should be unique and authentic. Fortunately, students have an opportunity to succeed with minimum effort. What you need to do is to find a dependable and trustworthy platform where you can check some medical essay samples. They will come in handy when working on your own assignments. 

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Start working on your England-related paper with a well-structured outline, which will simplify your task. Proceed to the introduction, mentioning a catchy thesis statement. Include several body paragraphs, presenting a different idea in each one of them. A conclusion should be short, concise, and catchy. Restate the main statement of the paper, and do not forget about the emotional appeal that should be included in the last paragraph. Once the paper is ready, you may address professionals asking for editing help.

Impressive Facts about England to Be Included in the Paper

Creative writing should always remain creative. The student should do a little research and work hard to find extraordinary information that will impress the readers and make the paper more meaningful. Thus, writing about England, you have two alternative ways to progress: include some of the most known facts about the country or find out extraordinary and exclusive information. The last variant may help you intrigue the audience and contribute to the relevance of your essay.

If you are eager to be unique and craft an authentic paper about the country, you should consider mentioning these facts in your paper.

  • England is not a sovereign state. You have probably thought that England is a 100% sovereign country, but it is crucial to remember that it is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In fact, it is a well-known fact people rarely pay attention to. Mention this fact in your paper to impress your audience and make your essay more meaningful.
  • London Bridge is located in Arizona. Your readers will be excited to hear that London Bridge is now located in Lake Havasu City in Arizona. The bridge could not handle heavy traffic in London, so it was taken brick by brick to a new owner. Do not forget to mention that its cost was hilarious.
  • England has countless village traditions. Although the vast majority of people associated England with luxury and style, it is not only fashionable cities but also simple towns, as well as rural areas. It is interesting to mention that every village has its unique traditions and customs. Some of them enjoy yearly cheese rolling, while others are constantly anticipating worm charming event.
  • London stands on the Tower of London ravens. According to the old legend, the city will fall the moment the Tower of London ravens are taken off. Therefore, there is a specific law that requires the Tower to preserve all six birds on its grounds.
  • Winchester was the first capital of England. It may be interesting to read about Winchester, which was the capital of England for over a hundred years. In 1066, the capital was transferred to Westminster, then London.

It is impossible to deny that these are exciting facts that will transform your trivial essay into a real masterpiece. Mention the information to impress the audience and receive the highest grade.

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