5 Tips for Wannabe Beauty Influencers

Becoming a beauty influencer is a popular way to make a living these days, so if you are good at doing makeup or creating cool looks, it is a great job to have. Doing this in your spare time could result in a full-time job doing what you love! If you are serious about becoming a beauty influencer, here are five tips to go from a wannabe to a star.

Market Research

The first thing to do when creating your own influencer channel on social media is market research. This means choosing a target audience and looking at how other influencers work. You can do this by watching their videos, reading captions, following them on social media, and seeing how they interact with their fans. This can all give you an idea of what your audience wants and what they react well to. Be sure not to just copy other influencers though; you need to stand out from the crowd to get noticed.

Find a Niche

With so many beauty influencers out there, knowing and finding your niche can help you to build a beauty influencer business. If you try and do too many things, you won’t really have a particular audience and you may fail at the first hurdle. Start with a specific focus, such as awesome eyeshadow looks, or makeup to help with a certain skin condition, such as acne. The more specific you can get, the more you will appeal to that audience.

Post, Post, Post

This is a given but, if you don’t post enough, you won’t get a following to begin with. You must be able to create enough content to keep your audience engaged and to keep your posts being seen. Don’t forget to get a good webcam that shows off your beauty looks. If you are starting a YouTube channel, post a minimum of once weekly. For Instagram, posting at least once a day can get you noticed. Tik Tok is another up and coming platform and keeping content fresh on each channel is key.

Get Your Audience Involved

Your audience want to get involved in your makeup looks. Many people who follow beauty influencers look up to them and see them as a friend. Speaking to your audience, asking to see their looks, asking for advice, and reading what they put in the comments can help you to stay connected with your audience.

Reach Out to Others

Most influencers didn’t start being approached by big brands until they put the work in. Like many other job roles, you must put yourself out there and reach out to others. The worst thing that could happen is you don’t get a reply – the best thing that could happen is a chance to work with some of your favourite brands. If you are just starting out, try DM’ing smaller beauty brands on Instagram, or even creating content with their products and tagging them. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

For wannabe beauty influencers, following these five tips can help you get more followers and captivate your audience.