6 Things To Get Excited About Adele In 2022

Adele took a rest from the limelight in 2015 after the success of her third album, ‘25’. She took a rest to work on building a family of her own, got married, and became pregnant. But unfortunately, Adele went through rough waters with the downfall of her marriage with Simon Konecki. During her long absence in the blinding light of showbusiness, she came to face many hurdles such as depression, alcohol abuse, and coming to terms with love and abandonment.

‘30’, according to her, is a metaphor she had built for herself saying that creating the album is like having a friend in the most tumultuous time of her life. Every song is a story she went through in her dark times. In particular, every lyric in the song ‘Easy on Me’ is a gut-wrenching appeal to any person who would try to hurt her to make it easy because she is fragile and may not make it.

Adele’s resilience despite all that she went through is evident in all the awards and records she has broken in her career. She has 15 Grammys under her belt, an Academy Award, several AMAs, BMAs, and Billboard awards. She even has Guinness World Record Awards and Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. Her versatility, star prowess, and shine are unrivaled. But her humility in all of the mentioned accolades is a brilliant example, especially when she shone the spotlight on her competitor Beyonce in her acceptance speech at the 59th Grammy Awards.

Truly, Adele is a remarkable performer of her generation. To watch Adele perform on stage is a magical and emotional roller coaster ride. She’ll tell you a story, captivate you, and help you deal with your pain in her own words and melodies. To catch Adele live, learn more about concert tickets here.

Adele still has a lot of magic tricks up her sleeve that fans will get excited about her comeback. Here are some of the things to get excited about Adele in 2022:

  1. Adele’s Music Tour 2022

Adele will tour Australia and New Zealand in 2022, with tickets and dates still to be announced, but the waitlist keeps getting longer. If you want to score great seats, better sign up for the waitlist now.

The tour will feature songs from her latest album, ‘30’, with the hit single ‘Easy on Me’. The last time Adele performed in Australia was when she broke yet another record when she shattered attendance of 600,000 for an eight-date stadium jaunt for her Down Under Tour in 2017. Her 2nd concert at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium on March 11, 2017, rivals the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games.

Ticket prices will surely climb through the roof approaching the date. So, it’s better to be on the waitlist than take it upon chance and deprive yourself of the possibility to see the world-class talented Adele.

  1. Weekends With Adele At The Colosseum

Beginning January 21 until April 2022, Adele will perform exclusively every weekend at the Colosseum of the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Adele will perform songs from her latest studio album on Columbia Records. She will also sing some of her past hits that hooked her fans.

  1. Adele Back In The UK July 2022

Adele will return to her beloved London roots to perform at BST Hyde Park for two nights in July. The singer broke out the news in her Twitter and Instagram handles that she will perform live again after years of absence from the spotlight. Adele’s performance at the BST Hyde Park will be on the 1st and 2nd day of July 2022.

  1. Brit Awards 2022

Although Adele didn’t score any nominations for the Grammy’s 2022 because of a technicality, she has several nominations from the newly formatted Brit Awards who scrapped gender in their nominations.

Adele is nominated for Album of the Year for ’30’, Song of the Year for ‘Easy on me’, and Artist of the Year.

  1. Intentional Listening For 30 in 2022

Adele fought hard to hear her voice when she requested a popular music streaming site to make the ‘shuffle’ button optional in their playlist or albums. She reiterated that artists work so hard on their albums that even the songs’ order is meant to be played in that particular order since it tells the story of the artist who worked hard to deliver those masterpieces. So, if you’re wondering where the shuffle button went in your music streaming site, you now have the answer. As a fan, you must take advantage of the chance to listen to her songs from her new album, ’30’.

  1. Adele: One Night Only To Be Streamed Online

Adele’s one-night concert is a two-hour prime-time celebration of her newly launched album. Six days after she released the massively successful and phenomenal album ’30’, this one-night concert includes a one-on-one interview with the legendary Oprah Winfrey set at the magnificent Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California. This November 14 will show the singer performing some of her never-heard-before songs.


Adele went through many challenges while on hiatus and metamorphosed into a beautiful and healthier woman capable of overcoming trials and difficulties in her music career and personal life. To listen to her sing the songs from the album ‘30’ and the rest of her past hits live would be a treat of a lifetime if you’re an Adele fan. And you surely wouldn’t want to miss being a part of history in the making as Adele for sure will break more records in the months to come.