Everything you need to Know About Wine Clubs

A Window to the World of Wine

Wine is more than a boozy drink; unlike most other alcoholic beverages, wine offers a sense of place, or what the French call terroir. And that means that every bottle of wine is a novel experience. 

And although knowing the wine styles you enjoy and purchasing a few brands you know will satisfy your palate is comforting, there’s nothing like walking the less-travelled path, and wine clubs are a fantastic way of doing that. Here’s all you need to know about wine clubs.

Are wine clubs expensive? How reliable are these services, anyway? What makes a good wine club? As it turns out, determining the quality and the team’s experience behind any wine club is the difference between an extraordinary experience and one that will disappoint more often than not. It all starts with the team. At the end of the day, wine clubs are tailored experiences and whoever designs them matters. So, what should you look for in a wine club?

The wine, the people and the price are the three things to consider before joining a wine club. Read on and learn more about it. 

What Are Wine Clubs?

First things first. What is a wine club? Although these services can vary widely, they’re all based on a single business model. You pay a subscription and get wine delivered to your doorstep regularly. 

So, what’s the difference between ordering wine yourself every week? The most significant difference between joining a wine club and buying wine is the element of surprise. A good wine club sources wine from reputable wineries and does so with a single aim — to surprise and excite you. 

Sourcing fine wine is not an easy feat; less so if you’re bound to a budget. After all, wine clubs need to make the most out of your subscription fee while still gaining a profit.

This means good wine clubs find wine with excellent quality-price ratios; hidden gems often made with lesser-known varieties and smaller wine regions. That’s where you can find great wine at a reasonable price. And finding these wines takes contacts, skill and experience. This leads us to the team. Who’s behind wine clubs?

When it comes to wine subscriptions, the wine is not the only thing that matters, but the team behind it, from the winemakers to the people putting together the monthly wine cases. 

Wine Subscriptions are All About Trust

There are many wine subscriptions and wine clubs. Just make a quick Google search, and you’ll discover endless possibilities. How to choose? What you need is a trusted source you know will deliver fun and exciting wine and will offer you an experience you can’t get yourself.

The most respected wine merchants offer wine subscriptions, and they’re often a safe bet. You want wine experts putting together your every order, and you want them to leave no stone unturned. Wine merchants might have partnerships and understandings with smaller wine producers, often the source of superb wine at affordable prices. 

The most important thing to consider when buying wine by any means is provenance. And if it all checks out, from grape to bottle and then to your doorstep, then you should be more than happy to have wine delivered to your home every week or every month. 

Wine clubs might be an extraordinary opportunity to get to know new wine producers working their magic in a wine region you might not be familiar with, and that’s exciting! And that alone is one more reason for choosing a wine club with the reputation and knowledge to make your vinous experience more enjoyable. 

Wine Clubs are Wonderful Gifts!

If you’re looking to join a wine club, you might also want to consider gifting a subscription to those close to you. Wine is much more rewarding when shared, and discovering new wine styles, grape varietals and producers with like-minded wine lovers turns out to be a great conversation topic. 

Wine clubs are not a onetime gift but commitment and support to someone starting their journey through the marvelous world of wine. You learn something from every new wine tasting, and the more you know, the more you enjoy our favourite fermented juice. 

Just like joining a book club, wine clubs are all about community, where the same story is shared and enjoyed amongst friends and family, and that alone is a tradition worth making your own.

So, here’s an idea, this year, gift a wine subscription to a close friend and join yourself. Then, share your impression every week and learn from each other. Learning about wine is no easy feat, but it’s easier and friendlier when you’re not alone. That’s a significant advantage of wine clubs, the possibility of letting experts guide you through the infinite possibilities.