Everything You Need to Know Before Renting an apartment in London, UK

Before you start looking for a rental home ask yourself a few questions to understand what you are looking for:

  • Am I willing to share a property?
  • How many bedrooms do I want?
  • Want to live in an apartment or house?
  • Do I want to live in a studio apartment?
  • Would a house with a garden fit me? (if you will be able to maintain it and deal with rubbish removal in London often why not)
  • What is my budget?

How to rent a house or apartment in London?

If you are planning to move to London renting an apartment or house is a very good alternative. You can check different areas of the city by finding the one that suits you best. Finding a home for rent is much easier and faster than selling it. In the United Kingdom apartment owners, the landlord, in this case, is responsible for most of the property maintenance. Their duty to take care of the property is legal which means that the rental property must be maintained to a certain standard.

When it comes to buying a home it is a good idea to rent the apartment or house you like. This will help you get used to and get acquainted with the new environment. Once you have lived there for some time you will better understand how everything works by helping you get more information about the property before you buy.

How to find a suitable house or apartment for you:

  1. Consider how much budget you have
  2. Choose the area where you want to live
  3. Decide how many rooms you need
  4. Check property sites for the prices of an apartment or house
  5. Contact the agents to get more information about the property
  6. Choose a suitable apartment or house
  7. Make a deal and enter into a contract with the landlord.

If you are deciding between a house or apartment keep in mind that there are differences.

If you rent a house you will have more privacy. Also for animal lovers it will be much easier to keep and feed a dog or a cat. This is because the space will be larger. While apartment owners will generally not allow you to keep a pet.

Security in an apartment is greater than in a private home. The difference is that in general the apartment buildings have security cameras and a gatekeeper at the entrance gate while in a private house you will have to install the alarm system and security cameras.

Make a list of what you want from your new home and find a place that best meets your criteria.

What documentation is needed to rent a house:

Applicants for a rental property must be over 18 years old. They must also be legally resident in the UK. You will need:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of address
  • An entry in the Electoral Register.
  • NOTE: If you come from abroad, a copy of your UK visa and accompanying documents that allow you to rent in the UK will also be required.
  • Proof of employment and income

If you are employed, you will need to provide:

Final receipts for the last three-six months;

An actual employment contract;

A letter from your employer confirming your job title, salary and contract duration;

A tax return for the most recent tax year.