Kilo Ziro Bar Welcomes Toby Heap as New General Manager

Kilo Ziro Bar, Birmingham’s premier sustainable-focused cocktail bar, is excited to announce Toby Heap as the new General Manager. With a strong background in mixology and a passion for sustainability, Toby brings valuable expertise and fresh ideas to the renowned establishment. Toby’s long experience in the industry has earned him a stellar reputation for his exceptional mixology skills and creative approach to cocktails. Having worked in management for renowned bars and cocktail lounges across the country such as the Edgbaston Boutique Hotel, he consistently wows patrons with his unique and tantalising drink creations. His commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Kilo Ziro’s values.

Toby strongly believes in ethically sourced ingredients, waste reduction, and eco-friendly practices. Together with the talented team at Kilo Ziro, he aims to set new standards in sustainable cocktail experiences. “I’m honoured and thrilled to join Kilo Ziro Bar,” said Toby Heap. “My goal is to build on the bar’s sustainability practices and curate a menu that highlights innovative cocktails made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Together, we’ll provide an unforgettable experience for our guests while championing environmental responsibility.”

Under Toby’s leadership, Kilo Ziro will continue to reduce its carbon footprint and inspire positive change in the industry. The bar already implements energy-efficient systems and waste reduction initiatives, and with Toby’s expertise, they will explore new avenues to further their commitment to sustainability.

“We’re delighted to welcome Toby Heap as our new General Manager,” said Jeanette Pell, Co -Founder of Kilo Ziro. “His extensive mixology experience and dedication to sustainability makes him an ideal fit for our bar. We’re excited to work together to elevate the cocktail experience while promoting environmental consciousness.”

Kilo Ziro Bar has established a loyal following in Birmingham, captivating cocktail enthusiasts with their exceptional taste and sustainable practices. With Toby Heap leading the way, the bar will showcase an innovative menu featuring classic and inventive cocktails, all with minimal environmental impact. For more information about Kilo Ziro Bar and their commitment to sustainability, please visit their website at

Kilo Ziro offers an unforgettable experience rooted in exceptional taste and environmental responsibility. With a focus on ethically sourced ingredients and sustainable practices, the bar aims to inspire positive change in the industry while delivering outstanding mixology.

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