Bull Ring Open Market

Bullring Open Market is situated next to the Indoor Markets and sells authentic and great value ingredients from Asia to the Caribbean and English fruit and veg too.

It’s an old style traditional market and the fruit and poultry market traders are colourful and loud with plenty of bartering going on, as has been the case for nearly a thousand years on this location.

The outdoor fruit and veg market is often described as vibrant, colourful, noisy and aromatic. The fruit stalls sell ‘£1 a bowl, which come top heavy with bananas, sweet chilies and other fruits and veg.

A walk around will provide an insight into the old town, with shoppers and stall holders chatting and bagging up the fresh produce.

The Open or Outdoor Markets are situated next to the old Indoor Rag Market with the Indoor Food Hall nearby. The busy Bullring Shopping Centre is a two minute walk away and many shoppers from the Bullring only venture down to the Open Market by chance or when en route to Digbeth.

The markets are frequently busy, and you can find a diverse and cultural mix of shoppers and stall holders all busying away, or simply taking into the atmosphere.

A welcome escape from the modern chain store interiors of nearby shopping centres. This is how Birmingham’s history began, as a small Anglo Saxon market town.

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