Modern Short Shaggy Bob Hairstyles To Take Over Salons

Shaggy bob haircuts are a popular and demanded trend that never goes out of fashion because of its brightness and effortlessness. Today short bob haircuts need to be shaggy to look modern and trendy. Such a stylish haircut solution as shags can easily refresh your bob hairstyle and, moreover, make you look younger and fabulous.

Timeless Shaggy Bob Hairstyles

Shags are known as the universal option that can really surprise with its diversity. Modern shags vary according to the number of layers, color options and finishes for the edges. Shag haircuts are equally good for any hair thickness as well as for any hair type. By the  way, it is very easy to style and maintain them for anyone with a Fashionterest.

There are so many modern short shaggy bob hairstyle options that can inspire you to try an awesome shag short bob. All you need to do is to find the right shaggy hairstyle that will match your face shape and lifestyle. Check out some of the best asymmetrical and highlighted shaggy bob hairstyle ideas and choose the most stunning one before you go to the salon.

Short Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

The short asymmetrical bob is a classic in the fashion industry! If you’re wondering why this haircut is so popular among women of all ages, the answer is very simple! It is because this charming cut looks good on all kinds of faces and hair types and it’s actually easy to maintain.

Asymmetrical and Wavy Bob with Long Side Bangs

If you want to be enigmatic, asymmetrical bob is a perfect choice for you. It seems gorgeous with waves and if you style your long bangs in such a way they hide your eye, you’ll achieve the desired effect.

Angled Bob with Waves

Asymmetrical shaggy bob is a pretty good way that helps you add some extra volume to your hair. For a greater effect, you can also style several wavy strands.

Peek-A-Boo Bob

Asymmetry can help you transform the haircut differently almost every morning. One day you may style your long bangs in such a way to hide your eyes and impress everyone with your new look.

Classic Straight Asymmetrical Bob

A classic is always in style. A simple and elegant asymmetrical shaggy bob helps you emphasize your tender nature and always look perfect.

Black Asymmetrical Messy Bob

Messy look is one of the trendiest today. Wearing an asymmetrical shaggy bob, you shouldn’t be worried about your appearance in the morning. You have a messy look, but chic and organized!

Short Bob with Highlights

One of the best ways to make your stacked bob more sassy than classy is to highlight it! Today short shaggy bob with highlights are among the hottest hairstyle options.

Black and Shaggy with Caramel Ends

If you prefer classic styles, but at the same time want to stand out, you can put some highlights just in the ends of your hair. So, you get a cute and stylish result!

Rainbow Highlights on Shaggy Hair

You can use all the colors of the rainbow to highlight not only your hairstyle but also your personality.

Platinum Blond and Mystical Mint Green Hair

If you have a mysterious soul, you can express it with the help of the mystical mint green hue on your hair, leaving your favorite platinum blonde color just on the top of your head.

Pastel Shaggy Bob with Wispy Bangs

Pastel colors are good for any shaggy hairstyle because they can stress its lightness and simplicity. And in this case, wispy bangs are a cool addition which fully completes your awesome look.

Dark Blue Highlights with Short Cropped Bangs

If you love dark colors, you can add bark blue highlights to your short bob. The result is brilliant, especially if it is stressed by short cropped bangs that open your forehead and underline your eyes.