Moving from Birmingham to London: Things You Need To Know

London is a city that has a lot to offer. It is an excellent place for people of all ages, professions and ethnic backgrounds. There are various reasons you might want to move to the United Kingdom’s capital city, perhaps you want to experience a different culture or you have been offered a job there.

No matter your reason, you should be aware of a few things before you relocate to enable you to prepare accordingly. So here is a moving to London checklist to keep you well informed about your big move to London.

  1. Cost of Relocating to London

The cost of relocation can be generally hefty, especially when moving from a far city like Birmingham to London. If you’re moving to London, then shipping costs are likely to be one of the first things you should consider, and the cost would vary depending on the size of your family and the amount of load you need to move.

If you are moving with your pets, there are pet relocation costs to consider. You’ll also need to determine the requirements for shipping pets and whether they will need a health check or vaccinations upon entering the city.

  1. Rent in London

A sufficient budget to cover living expenses like house rent should be an essential item on your checklist before coming to London. London is one of the most expensive cities globally, so it is not surprising that living tends to be way higher when compared to cities like Birmingham.

Housing prices differ depending on the area of London you choose to live in. For example, renting a two-bedroom apartment in Twickenham will set you back about £1,500 per month, whereas renting a similar place in Notting Hill may cost up to £2,000 per month.

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  1. Transportation

One of the challenges you might face as a newcomer in London is wrapping your head around transportation. There’s no need to worry though because the London transportation system is designed to take you to your destination quickly, as soon as you get used to it.

Amongst the available transportation system open to London residents, “The Tube” is the most popular. This is an interconnected underground train transport system with different branches and color codes. If you would like a different option than the train, buses and even bikes are available to get you around town.

  1. The Culture

As one of the major cities in the world, London is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Things will be a little different depending on where you go. The language, culture, and laws may differ from one city to another.

Learn as much as you can daily, immerse yourself in the culture of your city by participating in public events and gatherings. This would help lessen culture shock and help you integrate socially with your new environment.

  1. Driving License

If you want to drive, it is a good idea to verify with the local authorities before your relocation to ensure that your license will be transferable. If you would be shipping your vehicle to London, check to see if you will be permitted to use a particular type of vehicle.

If you do not have a valid driving license, you should take the appropriate procedures to obtain one. When driving in London, ensure that your car complies with the Ultra Low Emission Zone criteria to avoid significant fines and penalties.

  1. Healthcare

For Londoners, health care is provided free of charge through the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), so paying for an appointment with a physician or undergoing surgery wouldn’t require out-of-pocket fees. It should be noted however that even though the NHS covers most of the fees, you might have to pay directly for some health services.

Choosing a primary care physician in London is an essential step after arriving. To register for the NHS, you would need to see a physician, then you would be asked to fill a form with your personal and medical details.

Go to your local healthcare center and fill out a form that asks for your name, address, and phone number.


London is one of the biggest cities in the world, and it is not always easy to relocate to a new environment. But there are perks to choosing London as your next home, such as exposure to people from diverse cultural backgrounds and more job opportunities.

Hundreds of people move to London daily and finding your footing in a major city might take weeks to months but once you do, an exciting experience awaits you.