Planning for an unforgettable summer

As the days grow longer and the temperature starts to rise, you may be starting to plan the perfect summer for you and your family. This might especially be the case this year, as life makes a tentative step towards normality following the coronavirus pandemic. Planning is key when it comes to creating the best summer and not wasting any precious moments. To help you get ahead of the game, here are some fun activities that you could consider when planning for an unforgettable summer.

Go on a family holiday

Going away for a week or two on a family holiday can be a great way to shake up your daily routine and create family memories to last a lifetime. With foreign travel slowly starting to open up again, you could consider getting your bit of sun with a Mediterranean beach holiday. Alternatively, there are plenty of fun and interesting holiday locations around the UK that will keep the kids entertained. For instance, Birmingham, England’s second city, has plenty of fun dining and nightlife options for adults, as well as a delicious trip to Cadbury World that is sure to delight both big and little kids.

Send the kids to summer camp

Summer camp has been seen for many years as part of an idyllic American childhood – what US teen movie is complete without a trip to summer camp? However, many other countries are catching on to the summer camp experience as a fun activity filled holiday for kids that give them a bit of independence alongside making new friends and learning new skills. Institutions such as, Rugby School Thailand hosts holiday camps throughout the year, ensuring that your child will have an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience and make new friends from all over the world. Such camps are great at broadening your offspring’s horizons.

Invest in fun outside activities for your home

Keep everyone entertained this summer by investing in some fun outside activities for your home. Kids will love a climbing frame and swing set, and when the temperature really starts to rise, you could organise a water fight with paddling pools and water pistols to keep cool whilst having lots of fun. Invest in a high-quality outdoor dining set and sun loungers so that you can sit outside and enjoy the warm weather, and perhaps even eat outside and host fun parties for your family and friends.

Organise play dates

Your children may start to miss their friends over the long summer holidays, so why not get together with other parents and organise regular play dates for your children? Not only will this enable your children to spend time with their friends away from the school environment, it will give parents a break from childcare in turn. You could organise fun outings for your playdates, such as a trip to the swimming baths or to the park, or you could simply invite your child’s friends to spend the afternoon at your house where they can play in your garden.