Powering back into non-distanced shows, Flake releases ‘Charlie’, their latest groovy single

After delivering their debut single ‘My Town’ in 2020 and subsequent singles ‘Smile’ and ‘Kid’, Flake stormed onto the scene and were on track to play some monumental gigs in their hometown, Birmingham, as well as the Capital and adjacent cities. Now the trio are back in full force pouring their unique rock’n’roll sound into this funky, alternative track.

Kicking off with an assertive, dance driven bass line by frontman, Alex Mapp, which explodes into the full band. As the belting, soulful lyrics punch down into the groove, Mapp antagonises over fictional character ‘Charlie’ and the detriment they cause to their life.

Further emphasising the rhythm, Harry Crowley’s drums join the party and march through the verses before erupting into a catchy refrain that is ‘Charlie, Charlie won’t you leave me be!’. Throughout ‘Charlie’ Flake’s stellar synchronicity shines through as Louis Davies’ lead guitar brings the blues, stabbing through that mighty baseline before switching to a face
melting solo. Davies lifts the tone, getting this rhythm well and truly stuck in your head.

Flake continues to prove they are one to watch by releasing this promise of a crowd pleaser just in time for an unforgettable rest of 2021 and 2022 on stage.

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