Reasons for the growing popularity of handmade jewelry

Starting from the stone-carved necklace, to a tiara or a toe ring, there is a piece of jewelry to adorn and celebrate every part of the human body. It is one such essential accessory that can complete the look and change the entire presentation of the outfit. Moreover, jewelry is one such valuable investment that will always be on-demand, even if the economy is falling. It can be liquidated or traded and can come in handy in times of emergency.

We are living in a time where the majority do not like to blend with the masses but want to stand out, owning a unique and personalized piece of jewelry has become the new trend in this rapidly transforming world. In the current world, there has been a shift in focus from masses into individuals, hence, defining ourselves, creating personal style, and having a unique fashion statement has become very important. Thus, this search for something unique has given rise to the trend of personalized and handmade jewelry.

In this competitive world of many brands, compared to mass-produced jewelry, handcrafted jewelry that is made and assembled by the artisan has grabbed the attention of the mainstream consumers. Now, let us look at the various reasons for the growing popularity of handmade jewelry.

It’s unique and exclusive

What can be a better way to stand out and grab the crowd’s attention than a unique piece of handmade jewelry? Handcrafted jewelry provides a larger scope for creativity. Since they are carefully crafted by artisans, the consumer can customize the jewelry, thus, providing space for trying out new and distinctive patterns and designs. You will be able to order a bracelet from online stores like LaCkore Couture Unique Handmade Jewelry and customize it with a special message, name, or a unique design.

Since this jewelry is handmade and not mass-produced, the jewelry will be a limited-edition item, which makes it unique and special.

Superior quality

Compared to machine-made counterparts, handmade jewelry is made individually by skilled artisans with their skill, love, and effort. They will be making the Jewelry with special care and will concentrate on even the minute details. Be it a handmade necklace, bangle, earrings, or bracelets of silver, gold, or diamond, there is no use of any machines in handcrafted jewelry. Since the jewelry is made according to the preferences of customers, the quality of the jewelry will be high.

In the case of machine-made products, since they are made for the masses and are made in a factory, quality may not be the priority. For these big shot manufacturers in the jewelry industry, it is a mere business that will help them to gain profit. Their priority will be to make a profit and reduce costs for which they will be willing to sacrifice the quality of the jewelry.

It’s ethical

Recently people are more socially responsible and are aware of the impact of various industries on the environment. Buying handmade jewelry from a local artisan or small independent designers can help the world to become a better place. The manufacturing of mass-produced pieces of jewelry will mostly involve many unethical acts like exposing the workers to poor working conditions and using harmful chemicals. By buying handcrafted jewelry, people are going for a more ethical and eco-friendly way of lifestyle.

It’s a way to support and preserve the art of craftmanship

The term ‘artisanal’ has become the new way to attract millennials. They are more aware of the relevance of arts and are trying to keep it alive by supporting the traditional artisans. Preferring handmade jewelry over its machine-made counterpart is a way to connect and support the artisans. Thus, by buying handcrafted jewelry from a local shop or small business, you are supporting real art and artists.


You might be surprised to hear that handmade jewelry is much cheaper than mass-produced jewelry. This is because of the lower production and overhead costs. Many people are making handmade jewelry as a hobby and are willing to adjust the price for you. Also, there are many online stores from where you will be able to order affordable handcrafted jewelry.

Even if the cost is a bit higher, the quality and the time spent on the jewelry piece will be worthy of the money that you invest in it.


Since these are handmade, these pieces of jewelry are accessible. You will be able to find many handmade pieces of jewelry in local shops or there might be an artist friend in your gang, who is doing jewelry-making as a hobby. There are many online stores from where you could get customized handcrafted jewelry or you can also order from social media pages that connect and support many artisans.

Art is a form of poetry, so as artists. With each of these unique handcrafted pieces of jewelry, we are connecting to the artist or the designer who created that masterpiece. So, buy handmade jewelry which you can cherish for the years to come and be a part of the story of passion and dedication.