Rum Runner DJ Shaun Williams celebrates 40th anniversary of legendary jazz-funk nights!

ORIGINAL Rum Runner DJ Shaun Williams celebrates 40th anniversary of Birmingham’s legendary jazz-funk nights with special event at The Leinster Suite on 5th May.

The Rum Runner nightclub has a well-documented legacy as a hub of the New Romantic music scene and birthplace of Duran Duran. Less widely known is the pivotal role it simultaneously played in the UK’s jazz dance movement and Birmingham’s black heritage.

Acknowledged as an early pioneer of this scene, DJ Shaun Williams’ Monday Rum Runner sessions, showcasing the latest jazz-fusion, funk and soul imports, became a staple of the country’s underground jazz dance culture.

Williams said,

Coachloads of clubbers travelled from across the UK to “battle” on the dance floor with Birmingham’s highly regarded dancers.

It was an electric fusion of cutting-edge music, footwork and fashion, and for that era, a rare space where a mixed crowd were welcome to express their creativity freely.

This music is timeless, and I’m so excited to see its rightful return to popularity with new generations of music lovers. Everyone is welcome to come along for the experience, and I can’t wait to spin the vinyl for this special night.

This promises to be a unique celebration of an extraordinary cultural phenomenon and its place in Birmingham’s musical history.

Also featuring:

DJ Deb Joy (Global Soul Radio)

DJ Eon Irving (Crackers Radio)

DJ Eric X (Powerhouse/Electric Ballroom/Rock City)