The 5 Summer Wardrobe Fashion Essentials Every Man Needs

Beer gardens brimming with friends socialising. Parks full of families enjoying the open space. Music festivals taking place across the country. These are some things we see in the UK when summer finally arrives.

As the temperatures rise, so do the hours many of us choose to spend outdoors. This is partially due to the sun helping us to feel happier. Many will say that their mood is lifted almost instantly when the sun is shining and the temperatures are warm. Understandably, many will choose to spend as much time as possible enjoying these warmer days.

On the days when the weather is warm, our choice of clothing will reflect the warmer climate. As the summer months are fast approaching, bringing out our summer clothes is a task many of us have planned.

If you have yet to sort your summer wardrobe, here are a few key pieces that you should invest in and include.

Invest In Basic T-Shirts

Deciding whether to spend or splurge on clothes is a question many of us ask. Pieces that you know you will likely wear again, regardless of the season. For example, t-shirts are an item of clothing that you can wear in various seasons. They can be great for layering during the winter to keep warm and are lightweight enough to wear when the temperatures drop.

Investing in quality t-shirts is a worthy investment. The quality of the material will last a long time, meaning that they will not need replacing due to the colour fading, the fit of the t-shirt changing. Look into investing in basic t-shirts ready for the summer months. Consider purchasing a black, white, blue and potentially even a grey one that you can regularly wear throughout the year.

Stay Comfortable In Trainers

Warmer days mean more time spent outside. This could be in the comfort of your garden or a more social setting, such as a park or beer garden. It could also be going on long walks to enjoy being able to enjoy the warmth radiating from the sun and the fresh air. Having the appropriate footwear for these days is essential for comfort.

Whether walking through parks or between bars, comfortable footwear will make a noticeable difference. For instance, an obvious difference is the lack of blisters you will have at the end of the day. Trainers are an excellent way to stay comfortable. Depending on your style, trainers can help bring an outfit together. Invest in a quality pair of trainers and ensure that they are well maintained. Avoid wearing them on walks through fields following a downpour of rain. The mud could ruin them, especially if the material is suede.

Classic Polo Shirts For The Summer

A staple piece of clothing that will always appear in summer is the classic polo. For years, many men have donned the iconic polo shirt during the warm days of summer. Men’s polo shirts remain a popular clothing item many men have invested in.

With this endless love for a classic men’s polo shirt, the market continues to expand with the options available to choose from. Take a glance at the selection of polo shirts from Orlebar Brown.

These polo shirts are a perfect staple to add to your wardrobe. Find a polo shirt in a colour that you love, and you know you will wear it again in the future. Just like with the t-shirts, consider investing in polo shirts that come in blue, black, white and grey. They are all neutral colours that work well with almost all colour combinations. This means you will have a selection of style choices that you can choose between.

A White Dress Shirt

The summertime is not only for arranging plans to meet up with friends to socialise. It is also not just for lying in the sun and soaking up the rays. In the summer, across the UK, thousands of couples will celebrate a very special day, their wedding. Summer is an ideal time as there is a greater chance of nice weather.

If you are invited to a wedding, smart trousers (in blue, black, grey or patterned) and a clean, crisp white dress shirt is a classic wedding outfit for any man. It is smart yet stylish and can also be worn for birthday gatherings or any other event where the dress is more on the smarter side of smart casual. As with the t-shirts, a white dress shirt is an essential item that should feature in the wardrobes of any man.

Stylish And Protective Baseball Cap

A baseball cap is a beloved item of clothing. Some use it to hide a bad hair day, and others wear one to shield their face. When the sun is beating down, it is crucial that we remain protected. Regularly reapplying sunscreen will help, but fashion-wise, a baseball cap can help to block the rays and shield a person’s face.

Fortunately, a baseball cap does not have to cost a fortune. There are affordable options that you can choose from. All you need is one baseball cap to help protect your head and face from possibly burning. The colour and pattern choice can be decided by yourself and your taste in clothing.

Ready For Summer

With all these staples and more, you will be more than ready to make the most out of summer. Although some of these items are more suited for the warmer seasons, some things, such as comfortable trainers and basic t-shirts, should be featured in every man’s wardrobe for all seasons.

As the temperatures begin to rise, you can put plans in place to meet up with friends. When the days arrive, you can dip into your wardrobe and find clothing pieces that will suit the weather and the season you are in. Spend some time looking through your wardrobe to see if you have any of these pieces or if you might need to invest in some new pieces.