The Clause Time of Our Lives March 26th 2021

Time Of Our Lives is an anthem for this freak era, the year that never was, and the anticipation of breaking free from the viral chains which bind us all to our homes. There is a summer of love coming and this is the song to usher it in, starting on March 26 – throwing doors wide open and escaping into a world we will appreciate like never before.

Like all of us, The Clause frontman Pearce Macca found himself spending Saturday nights home alone rather than at shows or festivals – but he spent those long lonely lockdown nights locked in the shed at the bottom of his garden, coming up with tune after tune. A shedload of them, you might say. While many artists find their lyrics understandably reflecting the sense of isolation we all feel, Time Of Our Lives was different from the moment the chorus slammed into Pearce’s mind as a ready-made flash of inspiration.

Pearce said: “It came almost instantaneously. I wrote the chorus in the shed at the back of my garden at about 1am on a Saturday night during lockdown, by 3am the whole song was complete. It was one of those songs where everything clicks perfectly. This particular tune came very naturally, I think because I didn’t have to try and come up with any lyrics for it, I just wrote exactly what I was thinking at the time.

“Sitting alone on a Saturday night dreaming of escaping back to normal life is the backbone of the song. It’s obviously been a tough year for everyone and in the current climate it’s quite easy to fall into the trap of writing unhappy songs or songs that focus on the bad in the world rather than the good. This song was almost like sticking two fingers up to all the hardships suffered and realising life is a blessing.”

“When I send demos over to the lads we all sift through and see if there’s any way they could be bettered or improved. This song was different though, everyone fell in love with it straight away and we knew we had to get into the studio and record it ASAP.”

As well as Time Of Our Lives and a bunch of other stone cold monsters, the band achieved a lot in 2020 despite the world being at a standstill. They swept the board at the Birmingham Music Awards, picking up the three key awards of Best Band, Best Song and Best Indie/Alternative Act – beating the likes of UB40 in the process.

They notched up more than 1.5million streams, with over 500,000 on their last single In My Element alone – Skream’s phenomenal rerub of that track was a tasty little pre-Christmas treat to end 2020 with a smile, picking up radio support nationally and regionally across the UK and beyond.

The Clause are desperate to get back on stage where they belong, in front of a crowd of fans going wild to the new tunes. Time Of Our Lives is the soundtrack for the summer of love that is inevitably coming when restrictions are lifted – and never has a title been more apt. Like all of us, the boys have had their low moments, but this song is the antidote to those sad moments and a look ahead at the joy that awaits us in the post-Covid world.

“It’s quite easy to think negatively with everything going on and I think everyone including myself has fallen victim to that at times over the past year, this song is an escape from all that negativity.

“The summer of love is coming, we’ve been waiting for it long enough. Once all this is over it is going to be the Time Of Our Lives, I think there’s something significant about that.”

The Clause release Time Of Our Lives on March 26.