The Future of SEO Get-Found Experts Share How Digital Marketers Can Use AI to Maximise Client Results

ChatGPT and similar language learning models marked the broader introduction of AI in the everyday life of businesses, customers, and marketers. While many worry about potential job risks, the most forward-thinking marketers are embracing AI’s tools to increase productivity, automate day-to-day tasks, provide clients with more accurate analysis and reporting and elevate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns overall. Get-Found, a Birmingham-based digital marketing agency, shares three ways AI helps them best serve their clients.

“Digital marketing is an industry that demands constant innovation,” – says Aidan Dhaliwal, Digital Marketing Manager at Get-Found: “It is a part of our culture at Get-Found to test and try emerging trends and technologies to define the most effective approaches that help us serve our clients better. The huge advantage of AI is the ability to create a starting point for any task – but it still takes human knowledge, emotional intellect and fair judgment to properly create and execute the strategies, especially in digital marketing”.

Here are three ways Get-Found implemented AI in their daily operations to increase productivity and provide better client results:

Using AI-Generated Topical Authority Maps as a Starting Point

Language learning models excel at research tasks, compiling information and analysing the data. These factors are helpful when marketers need a broader understanding of the topic, using it as a basis for a more detailed strategy. Topical authority maps help showcase search engines that someone is an authority in their field. AI contributes when primary analysis is needed to define main topics and sub-topics for strategic content development. Get-Found experts use these to pinpoint the website and blog content strategy that elevates their clients’ websites to the first positions of search.

Increased Content Creation Volume and Shorter Delivery Times

AI content writing tools present an invaluable solution for those grappling with writer’s block and finding it challenging to initiate the writing process. When crafting SEO-optimized content swiftly, these tools can be a game-changer. Get-Found utilises AI writing tools to create first drafts and define keywords that need to be included in blogs – this helps Get-Found’s in-house writing experts to generate client blog content at a remarkable three times faster pace than previously achievable.

Winning Featured Snippet Opportunities

Winning a Featured Snippet or a high-quality FAQ placement is a major achievement in creating authority in an industry. Apart from high search engine rankings and a massive boost in visibility, these attract traffic and sales leads by instantly creating trust and credibility for the brand. One of Get-Found’s clients in the dental health industry experienced a 100% uptick in website traffic after being quoted on a featured snippet. In fact, the snippet alone brought more traffic to their website than the home page! Get-Found works with AI tools to identify the best opportunities for clients to be quoted in featured snippets and curate the content and keywords to maximise outcomes.