The UK’s best BYOB restaurants ranked for a brilliantly cheap night out

The UK’s leading cocktail delivery brand, NIO Cocktails, has analysed all the BYOB restaurants listed on Tripadvisor that have more than 99+ reviews, to come up with the ultimate list of the highest-rated corkage venues across 12 of the UK’s major cities. 

NIO Cocktail’s Master Mixologist and Founder of the award-winning bar Drink Kong, Patrick Pistolesi, has also recommended a cocktail to pair with your cuisine for the best possible dining experience.

“When it comes to pairing a cocktail with a cuisine, think about the flavour profile of that food type. A general rule of thumb is to go for textures, flavours and sensations that are the opposite of the cuisine you are consuming. For example, sweet cocktails really help to balance out the heat in spicy food. While cuisines that are typically heavier, like Italian, pair great with lighter, refreshing cocktails,” he explains.

While NIO Cocktail’s Communications Director, Manjot Riyait, says this research will help you book the perfect night out with loved ones.

“As we are still facing many restrictions, it is important for us to inspire people on different choices available and find ways to reunite and enjoy time with friends and family. This research shows that we have a plethora of high-quality BYOB restaurants in the UK. In our case, we like to ‘bring your own cocktails’ (BYOC) and we offer a wide selection of cocktails that pair wonderfully with a range of dishes,” she explains. 

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