Trip to South Korea inspires Brum Chocolate Brand Beanu!

Beanu Chocolate was born in Birmingham UK out of passion, inspiration and determination to elevate flavours from the bean to the bar.

Jacob was inspired from a trip to South Korea where they discovered many Bean To Bar chocolate makers. They were impressed by the incredible flavours and how each chocolate bar took you on a journey to the origin.

Bean To Bar chocolate is a much more crafted approach where by the chocolate maker produces the chocolate from the bean through the whole process. It is a movement happening around the globe to create chocolate that celebrates the different profiles and nuances of the beans themselves.

There is also a great message along with this movement and that is ethics. We buy our beans from Cooperatives to help farmers get paid a fair share of the profits.

Our cacao beans cost us more than 3 times the amount of commodity Cacao beans in commercial chocolate and we don’t add any additives. Our Dark Chocolate is vegan and only contains three ingredients.

We want you to discover the incredible world of fine chocolate and experiment with pairings. Jacob comes from a spirits and beer background and is passionate about elevating experiences with your favourite tipple.

We craft our chocolate through every step of the process from the roasting of the beans to hand tempering every bar for that perfect snap.

We are crafting a movement and tasting the moment with you.

“Crafting a movement, tasting the moment”