We Want Less Events at The Ruin Digbeth!

Shaun and Dave have been doing the open mic rounds for a while and they found that they either kept getting thrown out or the venues were suspiciously being closed down. So they decided to make their own night where pretty much anything goes, even Vogon poetry (apart from Wonderwall or karaoke (unless it’s a Kate Bush tribute)
Come down and do what you do. Whether you wanna come play a few tunes by yourself, jam with others, we’ve got it all covered man. It’s a good solid egg of a night. We have a house band but the house band isn’t Shaun Gambowl Walsh and the Plagiarists. Confused? Good.

Backline provided including our world famous tiny drum kit. Free drink for performing.
The Ruin
92 Floodgate St, Birmingham B5 5SR
Upcoming dates:
  • January 27th
  • February 24th
  • March 24th
More TBA
We Want Less! is the promotion arm of the band Shaun Gambowl Walsh and the Plagiarists. Also available is We Want Less! TV. All videos are available on YOUTUBE.