Why land-based casinos will never go out of style

If you’re an avid casino player, then you’re bound to have spun a few reels or placed your wagers online at some point. And, with technology continuing to advance there are so many great reasons to play casino online games that it’s hard to imagine how land-based venues are still a thing.

But, despite the accessibility, variety and authentic casino experience you can enjoy when playing online, there are plenty of reasons why land-based casinos will never go out of style.

Read on to find out more.


Arguably, one of the reasons why land-based casinos remain so popular is because of the history and stories within the walls. Many of the casinos you can visit today have been around for centuries, such as the iconic Monte Carlo Casino – the first modern casino of its time.

Not only has this venue been used for Hollywood movies, but it was also built by one of the creators of the European Roulette wheel himself.


Speaking of the Monte Carlo Casino, it’s a prime example of a land-based casino with incredible architecture. Adorned with a gold and marble atrium, painted ceilings and lavish floors, the casino was once a palace fit for a King.

Of course, this isn’t the only example of land-based casinos with amazing architecture or history. There’s the Flamingo in Las Vegas, built by Bugsy Sigel, a famous mobster, the world’s first casino – the Casino di Venezia in Italy, and Sun City in South Africa, for example.


On top of this, there’s also the social aspect. Whilst online casino sites provide live chat features throughout the live casino games that enable you to communicate with the dealer and other players in real-time, land-based casinos, of course, host many other players in real-life.

This means there’s plenty of ways to socialise with croupiers and new people when playing at a brick-and-mortar venue.


The games hosted by land-based casinos might not be as varied or unique as those you’d find at an online site, but you’ll be guaranteed to find all the classics at a land-based establishment.

You’ll see sleek Roulette tables, Poker pros and Blackjack extraordinaire, alongside rows of singing slot machines and so much more.


And then there’s the dress codes. Playing from the comfort of your own home in your comfiest clothes is always a bonus to playing online, but getting dressed up in your finest attire every now and then is a feeling that cannot be beaten.

There’s no better place to get glammed up than the most glamorous place of them all – the casino.


The overall experience of visiting your local land-based casino is truly something with many different benefits to those of playing online, and it all ultimately comes down to your preferred playing style.

If, however, you want a physical taste of the Hollywood-style glitz and glamour, then we recommend finding your local casino, getting dressed up and soaking up the history of the marvellous architecture.