Why Link Building Is Crucial for Businesses Growth

There is no doubt that businesses today rely on the internet for most of their marketing needs. Whilst there is still a good bit of advertising that goes out in print through the postal service and in magazines or newspapers, the bulk of marketing is done online. Have you ever wondered why you are approached so often to hire an expert SEO team to build backlinks to your site? Link building is the key that unlocks the door to business growth – and here’s why.

Optimised Backlinks and Organic Traffic

Although it would be sufficient to simply say that Google loves SEO backlinks and will reward content that is optimised according to their algorithms, most of us don’t speak Greek. The Google gods have ruled that the User Experience is what searching is all about and if you have well-written content with logical links back to your site, you are likely to get highly ranked. That’s Google’s way of rewarding you for creating engaging content, using the search terms most likely to be typed into the search box. However, that’s just the beginning of optimised content. Let’s carry that thought a bit further.

Beyond Long Tail Keywords

Today, expert digital marketing teams like Digitally Unique have learned that it pays to understand different ways Google will rank content. For years, SEO specialists found ways to capture the attention of the web crawlers by transitioning keywords into what we call “long tail keywords.” This is a way of adding words around the actual phrase or word of importance.

So then, if someone is searching for a car battery charger that will also function to charge mobile devices, that query for a “car battery charger” might be searched for as a “car battery charger with USB ports,” or something of that nature. With “car battery charger” being the search term and “with USB ports” the long tail, Google knows what type of content is being searched for.

However, Google also looks for words that mean the same but aren’t the same. This is called Latent Semantic Indexing, LSI, and the words may be alternate ways to search for the same thing. Referring back to that car battery charger, an LSI term might be “multi-function auto battery charger” or something similar. The term is not the same, but it means the same thing.

Back to the Crux of the Matter

This all boils down to finding ways to drive traffic to your site by being listed highly on the first page of the SERPs, Search Engine Results Pages. Remember, most people now find new businesses and products online, so that’s why ranking on Google is so important and links are the key to that.

Since we know that a) people will rarely click on any of the links beyond the first few and that b) Google will rank well-crafted SEO highly, your chances of being found are maximised with well-crafted content. It’s as simple as that! If optimised backlinks can get them there, then the only thing left is for you to close the sale when they arrive. But that’s another digital marketing strategy for another day.