Why live in Birmingham? Some things you may have not known about the wonderful City!

Birmingham is one of the largest cities in England, coming at a close second to the capital city, London. It’s also the second highest populated city in Britain with a population of over a million people. It’s a beautiful city to live, work, and play in. It’s a city where you can find pretty much anything you desire!

We all know Birmingham is very well-known worldwide for some things, like their iconic “Brummie” accent, or the recent series that has blown up on netflix all around the globe, called Peaky Blinders. However there’s a few things only few people know about Birmingham, and they might blow your mind!

Birmingham’s massive jewellery export

The city of Birmingham is a colossal producer in the jewellery scene. In fact, over 40% of the United Kingdom’s jewellery is made and exported from Birmingham! The Jewellery Quarter is an industry hub, where one can find hundreds of workshops, gem dealers, goldsmiths, and retailers. One can also find a workshop from the 1980s, preserved in immaculate condition, among one of the coolest jewellery museums you’ll ever come across.

Birmingham has the highest public space to area ratio in all of Europe!

Everyone loves Paris because of all the beautiful parks and public areas you can find there. But Brummies can tell you that Paris is overrated. Birmingham has a whopping 571 public parks! As opposed to Paris, with a humiliating 200 parks less… You do the math!

Birmingham is the homeland of CHOCOLATE

That’s right! Back in 1824, a small chocolatier started a chocolate business that changed the world. Only the name of the company will make you realise how important this man was. The company was called Cadbury. We all love Cadbury, it’s sold all around the globe, and is one of the most delicious, most popular chocolate brands on the planet. Their production was started in Bull Street, it’s also said that Roald Dahl got his inspiration for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, from his experience at Cadbury’s.

Birmingham has the youngest population in all of Europe

Birmingham is known to be the youngest city in Europe. Almost half of the population there is under the age of 25! To give you an average comparison, the percentage of the population in the whole world for people under 25 years of age is a mere 1.4 billion, which translates to 13% of the world’s population.