10 Reasons To Holiday In Mexico

When you are planning your next vacation, you might want to go to Mexico. Mexico is a large country that has miles and miles of coastline, historic sites to visit, and resorts that will keep you comfortable. There are ten amazing spots listed below that you need to try for yourself. You can create a luxury vacation that your family will take every year. Whether you fly via commercial airlines or private charter flights such as Jettly, Mexico is easily accessible by air land or sea.

1. Tulum

Vacation rentals in Tulum will host you comfortably in a large space that includes a kitchen, multiple bedrooms, Internet access, or even a pool. Tulum sits on the Caribbean coast of Mexico just above the Yucatan Peninsula, and you will have access to white beaches, historic towns, and other luxury resorts in the area.

You may choose a nearby spa, or you might rent a private room at a local restaurant for dinner.

2. Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen has several wonderful resorts that will host you in comfort and style. You may sit by the pool every day while a caban boy refills your drinks. You can head down to a private beach to relax by the water, and you might even have the cabana boys bring out the tents or umbrellas you need. This resort town also has five-star restaurants and beautiful nightclubs that allow you to party every night of your trip.

3. Cancun

Cancun is one of the most popular resort towns in Mexico, but you can get a private suite in town for your trip. You can rent private rooms at places like the Hard Rock Cafe, and you might take a tour on the outskirts of the city where historic buildings still stand. You get to see both sides of Mexico.

4. Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas sits on the tip of the Baja California peninsula, and the resort town is one of the quietest that you will find in Mexico. If you have traveled to this remote location, you can choose accommodations much like the vacation rentals in Tulum that were mentioned above. You may find a private beach, or you could sit by the pool at your villa. Some resorts offer luxury accommodations. Plus, there are exclusive nightclubs and luxury spas that will host you every day if you like.

5. Baja California Road Trip

If you would like to try a luxury trip through Baja California, you can start a road trip that begins at the top of the peninsula near San Diego. You can drive through the peninsula in an exotic car, stop at private hotels along the way, and walk on the beach every night. When you get to Cabo San Lucas, you can avail yourself of the luxury options that are mentioned above.

6. Acapulco

Acapulco is a popular vacation destination where you can rent a private villa or stay in a lovely resort. You may choose to take a guided tour to some of the ancient sites that are just outside the city, and you could even go backpacking in the hills with a guide. You might visit murals that were painted by Diego Rivera, or you could go to a cliff diving outpost where professionals are diving all night.

7. Mazatlan

Mazatlan sits at the mouth of the Sea of Cortez across from Cabo. This is a great place to visit because it is the closest resort to America in terms of mileage. There is a new pyramid that was just discovered south of the city that you might visit, or you could take a luxury fishing charter every day.

8. Yucatan River Tours

Yucatan river ours will lead you from the ocean waters to the rivers that move inland. These river tours will take you through the trees and thicket to show you old ruins that sit on the river banks. You can swim in lagoons that abut the river, or you could have a picnic on the banks of the river before the tour continues.

9. Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is a cultural excursion all to itself. When plan to travel all the way to these pyramids, you will ride with a tour guide who takes you over the hill and through the forests that surround these ruins. You can take pictures on these ruins, and there are certain passages that you are allowed to access. A luxury tour will take you back to your resort or villa after a long day of exploration.

10. Mexico City Luxury

If you choose to stay in the heart of Mexico City, you can eat a fine dinner every night, wake up to the VW Bugs that serve as city taxis milling through the streets, and shop in luxury stores. You can live like Mexico City’s elite if you so choose.


Taking a holiday in Mexico can be a lot of fun for you, and these holidays will ensure that you have seen all the country has to offer. You can visit the beach, see ancient ruins, ride down the river, enjoy the nightlife.