5 Career options for music lovers

Musicians are just one of the several moving parts that help the music industry operate. This creative industry needs more than performers and instruments, so there are several occupations you can explore. For example, you can be a music consultant where you guide musicians about the elemental composition of music.  

There is more to a career in music than just performance. It can involve one or many disciplines. The more informed you are, the more opportunities you get to work in the music business.  And in this article, we’ve collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to take a closer look at the five career options you can pursue as a music lover. Let’s proceed.

  1. Disc jockey

Building a career as a DJ is quite lucrative! You will essentially play music and develop playlists for the entertainment industry. The services of a DJ are commonly needed in events like birthday parties, bars, restaurants, and other music and entertainment venues. DJs bring parties to life, using their mastery of beats and music to entertain crowds. You can also work as a private contractor or be employed by a local, state, or national radio station as a DJ. On average, they make a salary of about $51,423 per year.

  1. Voice over artist

Another well-paid career option you can consider as a music lover is to be a voice-over artist. To be a voice-over artist, you need to have decent acting skills and a great voice. As a voice-over artist, you will use your voice to narrate or portray a character dialogue. Sometimes a voice-over artist will be tasked with doing an impression, character voices, mimicry, etc. On average, voice-over artists earn about $79,004 per year.  Another side hustle that Voice actors can consider and make passive income is through lending voiceover to online text to speech softwares.

  1. Music consultant

You can also consider being a music consultant if you are a music lover. While music consultants guide musicians, your job goes way beyond that! As a music consultant, you will have to research and study what good music is all about to understand how music ought to sound. Hence as a music consultant, you will be able to tell which genre is best for an artist, changes required in a piece of music, etc. On average, the annual pay of a music consultant falls somewhere around $58,730.

  1. Booking agent

If you’re a music lover and a friendly person, you can consider a career as a booking agent. As a booking agent, you will primarily work with musicians and other performers to book live shows. It can be an individual show or an entire tour, depending on what you prefer. Some booking agents even work in the film industry, where they help get the movies into local theaters and film festivals. Annually, a booking agent earns about $40,990 plus commission.

  1. Sound engineer

You can consider building a career as a sound engineer if you have a flair for the technical aspect of sound during audio recordings, mixing, and reproduction processes. As a sound engineer, you will often work with artists and music producers to enhance and produce the sound they want to achieve. On average, a sound engineer earns about $41,653 per year.


Anyone can build a career in the music industry. Your age or educational background does not matter; what truly matters is your love for music. If you find any of the job descriptions in this article interesting, search for available job positions on the Jooble website.