A Taste Sensation: Birmingham’s Focus on Unique Craft Beers

According to a report from 2019 by the Society of Independent Brewers, the volume of British brewers creating beer rose by 0.8 per cent. That increase contributed to global figures, with the worldwide beer market enjoying a 2.6 per cent increase. In the United Kingdom, the craft beer sector is, as the stats indicate, continually reaching new heights. From a consumer standpoint, this ever-growing total results in heightened market options, with many brewers now seeking to experiment with unique flavours. So, let’s take a look at a selection of local brewers that are expanding their product ranges with niche combinations. 

Merging Niche Flavours Yields Success 

At the time of writing, there are 1,400 breweries throughout the UK, as per a report by BT. It’s because of this volume that new tastes continue to hit the market. Within the Midlands, numerous businesses are contributing to this progression, including Burning Soul Brewery. The 13-year-old start-up is located in Birmingham’s city centre and produces a range of different beverages, including their popular Coconut Porter. 

Source: Unsplash

According to the product’s page at EaBria Trade, the seven percent strength drink is brewed with English malts, roasted coconuts, and Sorachi Ace, which is commonly used in the industry to add a citrus flavour. These ingredients culminate in a taste that’s reminiscent of dark chocolate. 

Given the rise of UK-based breweries, it’s unsurprising to learn that Burning Soul isn’t the only one within the city. Birmingham Brewing Company takes a varied approach regarding the direction of their flavours, however. While some of their products do guarantee a citrus aroma, their seasonal drink strives for something different. The Merry Brummie ale is spiced with cinnamon and orange in an effort to deliver a taste that’s fitting for the Christmas period.   

A Wider Trend That’s Taken the UK By Storm 

In many ways, Birmingham’s craft ale industry is a microcosm of broader social trends. Although the beer market has grown over the last few years, its progression is unable to match the figures recorded by flavoured gins. The Spirit Business reports that, in 2018, the UK’s gin sales and exports market reached a market worth of £2.7 billion, with flavoured sales rising by 751 percent. Novelty gin combinations have recently become increasingly unique, with flavours ranging from Brussels sprout to beef gin.   

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Furthermore, the new-found fascination to explore a range of new tastes has expanded beyond the alcohol industry. An example of this diversity can be found at TaxFreeSnus. The three-year-old company specialises in providing prospective consumers with niche flavours across their taxfree snus product line. Aside from traditional variants, both apple and cola flavoured options are also available, offering customers a forward-thinking alternative to pre-existing snus aromas.  

Playing Its Role in a Global Movement 

Ultimately, few can dispute the fact that the pursuit of revolutionary flavours isn’t the driving force behind several industries. Birmingham’s local beer sector is indicative of the fact that increasing numbers of breweries are striving to break away from old-school combinations in their efforts to deliver a contemporary, refreshing taste.