Basic Wig Wearing: 5 Valuable Tips for First-Time Wearers

The wearing of wigs started in ancient Egypt, when Egyptians shaved their hair off because they found it really hard to tame due to the hot desert weather. However, they thought bald didn’t look aesthetically pleasing, so they improvised by wearing wigs. Egyptians of a higher socioeconomic class could afford wigs made out of real human hair, while those in lower classes opted to have cheaper types of fibers.

Today, wigs are used for both function and fashion. For many first-time wearers, donning a wig may seem like a decision that needs little to no learning curve. However, it’s still best to know some valuable tips to avoid mistakes and unnecessary spending.

1. Choose a Wig That’s Really for You

The first piece of advice is this: wigs that look good on a magazine and display windows may not look good on you. Don’t get fixated on it right away just because it looks pretty on some model. Ask important questions like “How much is my budget for this?” “Will I be able to maintain this kind of wig?” and “Does it suit my facial features?”

While budget and maintenance can be worked out through commitment and dedication, the last question needs careful consideration. For instance, layered straight wigs will do well for round faces because they don’t add as much width as curly wigs do.

Worried about not knowing the style that suits you? Shops often have experts to help customers in selection. In addition, some online stores even give the option of virtual fitting, in which you can upload your photo and see how a style will look on you. Look at the styles offered and how they suit you, and then move on to consider other aspects, like price and maintenance. There is also this great site, Sourcing Nova, we found that will help you make a decision in case you want to buy a wig online.

2. Wigs Have Sizes Too

Although it looks like wigs fit any head most of the time, they have what is referred to as a cap size. For onetime usage like parties or role-playing, cap sizes won’t matter as much. But if a wig is to be worn every day, it’s essential to know one’s cap size for better fit and comfort.

To measure the cap size, get a measuring tape. Start measuring at the hairline at the front, and go around the head under the ear, down to the nape, and back again. The sizes vary depending on the brand, so don’t be too disappointed when shops can’t provide the actual size. They can offer the closest possible cap size in the style of your choice.

3. Select between Synthetic and Human Hair

When choosing a wig, remember that there are synthetic and human-hair varieties. The first is less pricey but poses difficulty in styling and is not heat-safe. The second is more expensive but can last for years even when subjected to heat.

If you want more natural-looking faux tresses, buy human-hair wigs. They are easier to style too. The highest quality of this type of wig usually comes from just one donor and from hair that had never been bleached, permed, or dyed.

4. Prepare for the Wig to Move

A little inconvenient but definitely manageable. Naturally, if one engages in vigorous activities, the wig will slip out of place (even ever so slightly). That’s why the quality of the adhesive and the manner a wig is worn are crucial.

There are many online tutorials on how to properly wear a wig in such a way that prevents movement and there’s no need to worry about it too much. Expectations just have to be set.

5. Follow the Care for the Wig Purchased

Wigs have predetermined care instructions that should be followed to maximize the wig’s life span. Like real hair, wigs must be combed and styled, washed, and conditioned regularly to avoid tangles and lost strands. The product for and the frequency of wig care depend on the type of wig and its brand.

As for storage, invest in a mannequin head where you can put the wig when it’s not in use. It is also advisable to have the wig cut once it’s resting on your head. All wigs have too much hair in them, and they must be trimmed so that they’ll fit your face.

Bottom Line

The purpose of wigs now transcends fashion; it can be an investment. Thus, it’s practical to know the basics of wearing them.

Choosing the best style, color, and cap; understanding to wear wigs using the correct adhesive; and proper maintenance are just some of the things a wearer must be aware of. Love your chosen locks, and they will love you back.