Everything You Need For A Great Night In Lockdown

As the conversation on the weekly Zoom call becomes stagnant, and you’ve completed just about every online pub quiz you could possibly do, the end of lockdown is in sight. But it’s not quite here just yet.

To get you there, here’s everything you need for a great night in to help you pass the time.

Let’s get started.

Set the scene

The pandemic has seen a surge in budget DIYers creating their own cinema room or renovative their living rooms for a more homely feel. B&Q stores are still open in towns across Birmingham like Wednesbury, Halesowen, and Sutton. With a little MDF or plasterboard, you can totally transform your space to make staying at home your new favourite activity.


Of course, not everyone is going to have the time or money to renovate the house, but there’s still plenty you can do to have a great night.

A lot of us will probably have been using Teleparty over the past year. But if you’re not familiar, Teleparty – which replaced the old Netflix Party – is a great way to watch films or TV shows with your nearest and dearest who are further away.

You’ll need to download the Teleparty web extension and then head over to Netflix to choose your favourite show. You can then use the extension to send a link to your friends and watch the movie altogether. If someone pauses the program, it’ll pause for everyone – so you’re never out of sync. The link will also provide you with a live chat box where you can all chat while watching. It’s a bit like an online sleepover.

To make it even more fun, you could also turn your favourite show into a drinking game. Create a few rules, get yourself a drink, and get sipping every time Joe Exotic says ‘Carol Baskin’ in his southern twang.

Order in the drinks

One positive thing to come out of the lockdown is the number of businesses who have risen to the challenge and taken their local business online. One industry that’s taken on the new opportunity is breweries and bars. You can now order beer online or collect bottled cocktails from your favourite bar to make drinking at home that little less sad.

and your favourite takeaway

Take a night off from baking banana bread and dreading the task of choosing something from the cupboards to eat. Order your favourite takeaway as a treat. You’ve made it through lockdown; it’s time for celebratory onion bhajis and mango chutney!

Go old school

Whether you’ve just got a pack of cards, or have a whole wardrobe of board games and puzzles, take a blast from the past and create your own old school games night. Image what lockdown would’ve been liked without the ease of Netflix and Amazon Prime, and head back to your roots. A few rounds of rummy or blackjack, or a long and tense game of monopoly can actually be a great, wholesome way to spend the night with the family.

So, you’ve got the food, the drinks, and the entertainment. It might not be a night out on the town with your friends, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Who knows, you might even end up content with your new lockdown life and remain at home when restrictions are changed.