Fashion And Style Tips For Dudes

Men aren’t always the best at choosing what to wear in any given situation, and it’s common to need a little guidance along the way. You want to look good everywhere you go, and more importantly, you want others to respect your style.

When a man is perceived as well-dressed, he is also perceived as someone who has it together (whatever “it” may be). Presented with confidence will get you far in life, and the way you dress has everything to say about your confidence.

Wear clothing that fits your body

Bagging clothing does not speak to your confidence. Clothing that is too tight is also a bad idea if you’re working to create a more mature look. Make sure your t-shirts fit the build of your torso.

It’s okay to wear a shirt with print on it, but make sure it accentuates your features. Nine Line Apparel for veterans offers a sound selection of t-shirt options for the make looking to show off his efforts in the gym.

Choose your jeans wisely

Jeans are a great part of a strong man’s wardrobe, but jeans that fit are where it’s at. Say goodbye to your baggy or tattered jeans, and invest in some more refined choices.

A nice-fitting jean can really make you look more approachable and more attractive all at the same time. Stay away from embroidered or overly distressed jean designs.

Diversify your footwear selection

The shoes you wear matter more than you want to admit. A pair of tennis shoes is only one aspect of a well-rounded wardrobe, not a staple that you wear with every outfit you own.

It’s good to have at least five pairs of shoes to keep you well-dressed for any occasion. A good solid-colored boot and a stylish dress shoe offer a good place for men to start building their shoe collection.

Consider layering your clothes

Adding layers to your outfit adds depth, texture, and color. Make your outfit more interesting and appealing to the eyes by adding a nice v-neck sweater over your t-shirt.

In the winter, it’s perfectly acceptable to add a fashionable scarf to your outfit design. Take chances with layers, and you’ll be surprised at the added options you’ll see in your closet.

Add accessories to your look

Accessorize your dress. Accessories aren’t just for women. Some of the most wealthy men in show business are well equipped with accessories every time they make an appearance.

Invest in a nice quality watch to go with your outfit. Consider wearing a simple gold or silver chain on your neck. Don’t use a flatbill hat as your accessory, and stay away from cheap bracelets or anklets.