Find a Hyperbaric Chamber for Sale and Get Rid Of Stubborn Wounds

An increase in oxygen intake may help patients with non-healing wounds and other disorders recover more quickly. Many fewer people know that healinAn increase in oxygen intake may help patients with non-healing wounds and other disorders recover more quickly. Many fewer people know that healing stubborn wounds requires an adequate amount of oxygen. Therefore, for some patients with severe wounds, a massive oxygen dose may be the key to recovery. If you are dealing with a long-lasting wound, then it’s time to look for a hyperbaric chamber for sale.

Scroll down to learn about HBOT and how it helps in recovering the never going scars & wounds.

A Brief History of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Early in the 20th century, hyperbaric oxygen therapy was initially applied in the United States. At that time, Orville Cunningham employed pure oxygen to save a flu patient who was on the verge of death. After using the therapy unsuccessfully for other ailments, he built a hyperbaric chamber and later disassembled it.

The U.S. Navy gave the treatment another shot in the 1940s when it employed hyperbaric oxygen to cure deep-sea divers who were suffering from decompression sickness. The technique was also used to treat carbon monoxide intoxication by the 1960s.

What is HBOT, and How does it Work for Your Wounds?

Did you know only 21% of what we breathe is actually oxygen? The remaining 78 per cent of the air we breathe is composed of nitrogen, while the final 1 per cent is a mixture of other gases.

Did you know that breathing in a lot more oxygen could aid in our body’s ability to heal? It’s true. In truth, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a proven treatment that currently exists. Additionally, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy cost can vary.

Although the idea of hyperbaric oxygen has reportedly existed for decades, if not centuries, it gained popularity as a therapy for decompression sickness, often known as “the bends,” in scuba divers in the early 20th century using hyperbaric chambers.

HBO therapy is based on the theory that wounds and other types of injuries can heal more quickly in an atmosphere that is 100% pure oxygen administered at a pressure higher than usual.

Candidates for HBO therapy will get the treatment by using the hyperbaric chambers. They are similar to an MRI machine but not exactly an MRI machine. The patient lies down and then inhales pure oxygen, and the increased pressure in the chamber causes the oxygen in the lungs and, consequently, the blood to increase. This improves wound healing and may even aid in the fight against some infections.

The average treatment lasts 90 minutes, and most patients require 30 to 40 sessions to see improvements.

Patients with a large number of sessions know that they end up with huge costs. In such a scenario, it’s better to look for the chamber as the hyperbaric chamber cost may pinch you once. However, save you from the enormous expense that you pay for every session. Simply Oxygen is a reliable source to look for certified chambers. Visit the official website and order a suitable chamber meeting your needs.

What May You Feel Inside the Chamber or After Therapy

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration stated that HBOt is generally safe, and major side effects are uncommon. However, potential dangers associated with HBOT include the following because of the elevated pressure and elevated oxygen concentration:

  • Ear and sinus discomfort
  • Damage to the middle ear, such as tympanic membrane rupture
  • Lungs collapse (rare)
  • Temporary Vision changes

Which Type of Wound does Therapy cover?

People with non-healing wounds, radiation-induced damage to the bone or soft tissues, and osteomyelitis are frequent recipients. Some lower extremity diabetic sores can find an oxygen chamber near them as the treatment has worked really well in the past for diabetic patients.

There is a great possibility of treating intense scars by HBOT. Time to invest in the hyperbaric chamber for sale and be free from your long-staying wounds.