How to find the best Birmingham casinos online

Birmingham is one of the United Kingdom’s most important but also most overlooked cities. Despite the major investment in improvements to the city centre and the work that has been done to make the city more inviting and liveable, Birmingham isn’t as well-known as it should be.

Birmingham is often unfairly overshadowed by Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. While all these cities have their own appeal, they aren’t the only English cities with charm. Birmingham has great options for theatre, live music and art viewings. The city also has some great casinos.

This post will walk you through some of the best casinos in the City of a Thousand Trades. It will also provide you with suggestions for some of the best online casinos that you can access in the UK if you can’t make it to the city or just aren’t up for facing the spring gloom we’re experiencing.

When compiling a list of the best online casinos, a guide such as Casino Source UK is an essential resource. Not only does it provide real reviews of the casinos, it also gives information on the bonuses currently offered by each casino and the licenses they hold.

If you prefer playing at a traditional casino as part of an evening out rather than the entire entertainment, then Birmingham’s best casinos are perfectly situated for your tastes. The city centre has more than just shopping centres and train stations. It’s also an entertainment destination.

For example, both the Grosvenor Casino and the Genting Casino Chinatown are located within walking distance of The Alexandra. This theatre hosts some of the best touring West End productions, comedians and pantomimes. It recently hosted a great production of the musical Bringing on Back the Good Times.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Without further ado, our top picks for the best Birmingham casinos:

Grosvenor Casinos

There are two Grosvenor casinos in Birmingham, one on Hill Street and one on Broad Street. Grosvenor’s is one of the most respected casino brands in the UK, operating 53 locations. As we noted above, the Grosvenor Casino is centrally located and easily accessible from Birmingham New Street station.

Both the Hill Street and Broad Street locations make it immediately obvious why this is such a popular casino brand. They are well managed venues with all the best slot machine games and a great range of table games as well.

The one potential downside to the Grosvenor casinos is that they can’t escape their corporate nature. The same thing that makes them such great venues also means that they don’t have quite the same charm or originality as an independent casino.

Genting Casinos

Genting is another respected casino brand. They operate casinos across Asia, the United States and the UK. They are a well-regarded brand and were able to survive the pandemic better than most, though some of their casinos were faced with closures.

Genting Casino Chinatown is another centrally located casino – placed right on the border of Birmingham’s Chinatown and the city centre. Their location has inspired their decor. The red brocade wallpaper and arched details give it an Asian flair that makes you feel as if you’re far from home.

Genting’s other Birmingham property is Resorts World. The name should give you a clue about the size — Resorts World is the largest casino in the country. The entertainment complex also boasts a shopping centre, cinema, hotel and spa, bowling, arcade and tons of options for dining and drinks.

The casino itself has enough games to keep even the most indecisive gambler happy. There are table games with all the classics, over 100 slot machines, including some that offer progressive jackpots, and more than 40 e-gaming terminals. It is a dream destination for UK gamblers.

Online options

If you can’t make it into the city centre to gamble or simply prefer to play at home, there are many great online options. Even though restrictions have been lifted, it’s understandable that many people still have concerns about their safety and prefer to limit their exposure. Online casinos are a great alternative.

If you like to stick with a brand that you’re familiar with, Genting and Grosvenor have both launched online casinos. While they might not have all the bells and whistles that some of the online-only brands do, you can gamble with confidence knowing that there are decades of experience behind them.

The Plaza Royale Casino doesn’t owe its success to its easy-to-use and streamlined user interface, but it certainly helps. It is one of the best casinos for new players because of how simple it is to navigate. Plaza Royale also has one of the biggest libraries of games of any online casino in the UK.

They are licensed through both Malta and the UK, so their security and trustworthiness are both very high. To sweeten the deal even further, their welcome bonus includes 100 free spins and a deposit match bonus of up to £200.

Regent Play Casino also recognises the importance of offering a great welcome bonus to new players. They offer 100 free spins and up to £200 as a deposit match bonus. This is a casino that focuses on casino games and nothing else. If you’re looking for sports betting or bingo, you won’t find it here.

If you prefer the interaction that comes with a land-based casino, then Regent Play is an ideal choice — they have the most live dealer table games of any UK casino. They also have a good library of slot games.

Gambling at casinos has always been a favourite British pastime. Birmingham offers some great gambling opportunities, both in person and online.