Infinite Opera’s Halloween Besse at Digbrew

We are Infinite Opera, a non-profit opera company in Birmingham devoted to creating new operatic works which inspire new audiences to attend and enjoy opera. Our mission is to make opera accessible, enjoyable and celebrate surrounding communities by giving local artists/musicians a platform to show their talent!

Infinite Opera is a small talented, dynamic and driven team formed of Librettist/Soprano – Roxanne Korda, Composer/Conductor – Daniel Blanco Albert and Design/Marketing – Karina Cabanikova.

Infinite opera has created the first ever opera about beer, set in a brewery, for a Halloween night of dramatic entertainment. Originally shown in 3 parts throughout March, April and May the opera and its audience grew by part 3 into a more than a sell-out crowd. By collaborating with the craft brewery DigBrew Co we have found a new way of bringing opera and theatre to larger audiences within Birmingham and beyond. With the brewery we have created a platform for opera and craft beer to engage with, and develop, its audience in a unique and innovative way. 

Besse tells the story of a female brewer during the year of the black death. She lives in a time of rapid social change as brewing is turned from a domestic to a commercial business and control of the industry shifts from women to men. This also marks the start of the witch hunts and an increasingly paranoid public.

On 1st of November 2019 we will be performing Besse as part of a Halloween, Opera, Pizza and Beer extravaganza at Dig Brew in Digbeth. The night will include a performance of the opera (starting at 8 pm) with two intervals for collection of beer and pizza. There will be a Halloween theme to the whole evening and the brewery will be decorated (along with the stage). The stage itself will be as high as the bar and built around the brewing equipment. 

This is a unique event across the country and helps to emphasise the quirky and creative industry that is so important to the community in Digbeth. As a part of a Digbeth First Friday it will help to attract a large audience from across the city. The tickets for the event will be at £15 to ensure that it is made fully accessible to the widest audience. Opera, in a brewery, for such an affordable price is something that showcases how Digbeth is a special place. 

We are able to make this event accessible to the local community, with cheaper ticketing, through the generous donations and support of our sponsors. We believe you would be a perfect sponsor match for this event and would greatly appreciate your help in sharing our vision. We offer a range of sponsorship packages from £100-£500 including space for promotion in the audience goody bag, free tickets, a space at the event to promote your business, inclusion on all social and print media, as well as an OPEN TAP AT THE BAR. 

Your sponsorship will help us bring the operatic community and the broader Birmingham audience together for a unique and memorable experience – living the magic of accessible theatre culture in an intimate and exciting venue. We are excited and look forward to working with you. Please let us know if you are interested in participating by being a sponsor.

Questions should be directed to:

Sincerely, Roxanne, Daniel and Karina On behalf of Infinite Opera.