Summer Break Moneysaving Tips

Summer’s here and your social life has never been busier. But trying to keep up with everything that your friends are doing without going into your overdraft in the first week of the holidays can be really challenging.

New research has identified that over two thirds (64%) of students say they worry about their finances nearly all of the time. So Future Finance has provided 6 money saving tips to keep your social life on track without your wallet taking too much of a hit this summer!

  1. Spreadsheets – before you roll your eyes and move swiftly past this first tip, a little forward planning via a spreadsheet can make your money go a long way. By planning your weekly activities and setting yourself a budget, you will know exactly how much you have to play with and it will massively help you avoid that dreaded moment when your card gets declined. Being aware of all your outgoings will also help you think where you could cut back.
  2. BOGOF on night’s out – got multiple social gatherings planned with friends? Don’t be afraid to shop around for deals and discounts. There are loads of places that offer you ‘buy one get one free’ offers or happy hours on drinks. Be frugal and your pennies will stretch further than you think.
  3. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure – guilty of having a wardrobe full of clothes that you haven’t even taken the tags off yet? Or, things that you’ve used once that will never make it out of the wardrobe again? Wake up people! You could be sitting on a small fortune. Apps such as Spock, Freecycle or eBay can help you turn your once loved items into cash monies! What are you waiting for? The extra cash you earn could even go towards next terms reading list.
  1. Shop smarter – you want to eat healthy so you can get ‘beach body ready’ but healthy usually means more expensive right? Wrong! Asda now sells a box of wonky veg that has all of the goodness you need for literally a fraction of the price. Don’t be sizest! You can also visit your local food markets too for cheaper fruit and vegetables.
  1. Skills to pay the bills – want a casual job that will earn you some extra cash for your back pocket? How about finding a job that is related to your degree or education? That way you’ll be earning and learning on the job, leaving you miles ahead when the new terms start.
  2. Pool your money – if you are going on holiday with friends, why not start a kitty for taxis, toiletries and drinks. Sharing some of the essentials could save you a fortune. If you’re living in shared accommodation then sort out what costs can be shared with your housemates too – food necessities like condiments, TV license, laundrette and washing costs. Consider where there are opportunities to split the costs.

Finally if you’re starting a new term in September and are worried about how you are going to manage your finances, speak to Future Finance. They’ve had applications from over 50,000 students in two years and proving to be extremely popular among students, parents and universities. We listen to your needs, just give us a call.