The Perks Of Being An Online Casino High Roller

Online casino high rollers are top of the food chain in online gamblers’ hierarchy. They are gamblers with very deep pockets who invest a lot of money in gambling at online casinos. Even before the emergence of online casinos, high rollers have been the highlights of everything glamorous about gambling at land-based casinos. Most gamblers in this group may lose millions of dollars in one night of gambling, but they won’t lose sleep over it. And could even show up the following night or a few days later to gamble again. All gambling platforms do their best to attract and keep the most valuable customers on their site, therefore, the priority of online operators is to provide the best online casino experience and privileges that a regular gambler can only dream about. The experts on recognize the value of these big spenders and have dedicated a separate section to accommodate and facilitate their huge gambling activities and their specific needs.

Credit where credit is due. When it pertains to handling the special demands of the high rollers, online casinos have upped their game since their emergence. Adopting the format used by land-based casinos to treat their big spenders like royalties. Land-based casinos have a lot to work with, from limo service to catering, providing huge game tickets, music concerts, and luxurious hotel accommodations. Achieving the similar objectives is a lot trickier for online casinos, but online operators have many offers and services aimed at pleasing the high rollers that can rival the flamboyant benefits offered by land-based casinos.

Becoming a high roller on online casinos is a huge task that involves spending a lot of money regularly on your favorite online gambling platform. This is why the high rollers are often called the whales or cheetahs of online gambling. Typically, different online casinos have different requirements for gamblers to attain the high roller status. Regardless of the requirements, huge and regular transactions are the fundamentals and the common denominator for all. As the saying goes, money will be spent for money to be made. High rollers have huge payouts because they regularly wager huge amounts of money every time they gamble. There are other benefits of being an online casino high roller that are worth addressing in this article.

Cashback Offers and Exclusive Bonuses

Cashback offers are structured in a way that allows online casinos to pay back their high rollers for spending money on specific online games. The idea of cashback offers is used in several other businesses aside from gambling, so that the most valuable customers can win back some money they’ve invested.  Many promotions are  made available exclusively for VIP, one of which is a cashback reward for wagering huge amounts of money during a gambling session. For an online casino high roller, this offer is repackaged as a sweetened deal that sees the gambler making more money back for wagering. This kind of offer doesn’t even exist for regular players on many online platforms. For instance, there is a significant difference in percentage cashback for VIP players and high rollers. Perhaps 30% cashback reward for high roller as opposed to 5 -10% cashback for VIP, and no cashback offers for regular players. The same principle applies to gifts which are offered exclusively to the big spenders. They may be in the form of free money to replenish their accounts, free chips, or other exclusive packages that are not provided for regular gamblers.

A Personal Account Manager

Account managers on online casinos essentially mimic the functions of personal hosts or an account manager on land-based casinos. They exist to handle all gambling-related affairs and online version of red carpet entertainment for the high rollers with the aim of making gambling stress-free and entertaining. For example, expediting the special requests of high rollers and prioritizing them over regular customers’ needs. Also, the high rollers are kept informed about special offers that may benefit them through the account manager. Anything that makes the casino experience more entertaining and convenient for the high rollers are within the purview of the account manager.

Higher Withdrawal Limits & Faster Payouts

Gamblers always likened withdrawal limits to a bitter taste in their mouth, but it is an important feature that the house uses to maintain control. Depending on the online platform, online operators usually stretch the withdrawal limits for the benefits of their high rollers. The withdrawal limits may be stretched to accommodate five to six figures because of their huge bankroll, therefore, it’s consequently higher than what is indicated for regular gamblers. There are other online casinos that focus not only on withdrawal limits, but also on faster payouts, and the account managers are usually tasked with making this process run smoothly in preference to the withdrawal requests of regular gamblers.

Invites for Special Tournament

High stakes mean wagering more money than the average gambler would on a bet or during a gambling session. There are special games and high stakes tournaments that are offered exclusively to the high rollers. These frequently appear as invites depending on the track record of games played by the high roller. The payout for winning is very high compared to normal games because of the huge amounts of money invested.

Asides the aforementioned advantages of being an online casino high roller, the customer service for such clients is very special, as it should be. From the easy to the complicated; problem-solving, fast resolution of technical issues, or transfer of funds between wallets. Every facet of online gambling is an upgrade for a high roller.