Top 7 Destinations To Escape Britain’s Endless Winter

Are you fed up with the cold, dismal days of Winter in the UK? Looking for a destination that promises warmth and adventure? We provide this list of the top 7 destinations to escape Britain’s endless Winter.

With options from all over the world to choose from, you’re sure to find your place under the sun.


You may not be surprised by this one, but it’s always a winning destination. Why not change things up a bit and charter a yacht in the Mediterranean? Get to see the Maltese archipelago like never before, while sailing the Med.

On land, you’ll enjoy a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. While London has only about 37 hours of sunshine in December, Malta offers you around 160 hours of fun in the sun.


You’re looking at a long flight here, up to 21 hours from the UK. But the warm weather and beautiful beaches await you.

If you’re into surfing they’ve got some awesome waves here, and there are fantastic opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving, too.

Want to spot a kangaroo? You may not even have to leave the beach. These Oz natives are known to hang out on the beach, particularly Lucky Bay in Western Australia’s Cape Le Grand National Park. So you’ll have a chance to work on your tan and take a selfie with a roo.

South Africa

Sunny South Africa is always a popular choice. Your money will go far here, and that’s good news because there’s so much to see and do.

You’re in for a fairly long flight, close to 13 hours for a non-stop to Cape Town, but it will definitely be worth it.

Beautiful scenery, great beaches, awesome hiking trails and friendly people make Cape Town a top destination for escaping the dreary British winter.

Or head upcountry to one of the wildlife parks and nature preserves. South Africa promises a trip to remember for lovers of nature and the outdoors.


Do you enjoy authentic Thai food? Well, for the real deal get on over to Thailand and thaw out in the sun.

It’ll take about 11 ½ hours to fly to Thailand from the UK. There you’ll experience a tropical climate, tuk-tuk rides, and delicious street food.

There are countless opportunities for sightseeing, with old palaces and temples littering the countryside. And when you’re done with all the sightseeing and soaking up the sun, go and relax with a traditional massage.


Olé! Bravo! You’ve sought out the sun in Spain. The peninsula is dominated by a Mediterranean climate, with its hot and dry summers.

This southwestern European country on the Iberian Peninsula has territory mostly in the Atlantic Ocean and across the Mediterranean Sea. It includes the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, and territories scattered along the Moroccan coast. So you’ll enjoy elements of the Spanish culture when visiting there.

Spain offers great walking and hiking routes, clean beaches and rich and colourful culture. Bullfighting and Flamenco dancing are two extreme opposites for sure, but they speak of the passion that is alive in every inch of this land.


Looking for warm weather and exciting desert adventures in an ancient land? Not to mention under 4 hours of flying from the UK, if it’s a non-stop flight. It’s time to make your way to Morocco.

Walk along the streets of Marrakech, absorb the energy from the bustling street markets and allow your senses to be transported to another world.

Morocco boasts fascinating architecture, desert adventures, botanical gardens, sandy beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and spice markets. That’s right, something for everyone.


Fly from London to Lisbon in only 2 ½ hours. One of the warmest countries in Europe, Portugal is mainly characterized by a Mediterranean climate in the south and central interior. It makes a great getaway for students on a budget too.

Kayaking along the Lisbon coast offers beaches, coves and bays to explore. But Portugal also had many old castles and other architectural gems to discover.

The influence of Portugal’s spice trade is also noticeable in the variety of spices used in their dishes. This makes their food as warm as the weather and the people.