What Should I Study To Become A Fashion Designer

Most students desire to become teachers, pilots, engineers, doctors, and nurses. Very few people are interested in becoming fashion designers. Before we proceed any further, it is essential to define a fashion designer and how a person can become one. A fashion designer is an individual that creates costumes, footwear, jewelry, clothes, and other beauty products. It is essential to note that these beauty products can be for children, youths, parents, dolls, and pets. We live in a generation where more people pay the most attention to what they dress and how they look. It is essential to note that the fashion industry is highly competitive. If individuals manage to specialize in a specific niche, they will increase their chances of success. If you want to be successful in the fashion industry, you must be passionate about beauty, fashion and draw your motivation from influencers and the current trends in the market.

As a fashion designer, you could create your products and sell them to the ready market, or you could be hired and create patterns, design clothes, and create unique products for an already established enterprise. Unfortunately, when an individual decides to work independently, there are chances that they might never have their fashion products featured in a well-known magazine or event. There are numerous ways to become a successful fashion designer. It is essential to note that fashion design is one of those careers where an individual does not have to have a degree to succeed in the industry. If you cannot pursue a degree, you can still succeed if you have exceptional talent. However, it would be best to remember that most companies prefer schooled people. This article will discuss what a person should study to become a fashion designer.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree

Fashion merchandising is one of the commonly pursued degrees in the fashion industry. One of the good things about the degree is that scholars acquire knowledge and hands-on experience. Notably, to become a fashion designer, you will also need to study Computer-aided design technology, commonly denoted as CAD. A degree aids students in creating their design portfolio, learning work skills, and the importance of working on a tight budget and meeting deadlines. Before completing the degree, students will have the opportunity to submit their work during student contests and demonstrate their fashion ideas and talents. On the same note, a degree program will require students to go through internship programs where they will acquire valuable skills and work experience. To confirm artistic abilities, students pursuing fashion design may be required to submit their work sketches before they are allowed into the fashion program.

Gain work experience during the internship

Going for an internship will assist you in making networking connections, developing your skills, gaining work experience and insights regarding the fashion industry. While in an internship, you might consider doing freelance jobs that will assist you in enhancing or improving your design portfolio. If you do not manage to secure a place to do your internship, you might consider gaining experience in whichever way possible. For instance, you could mend clothes for people in your local community, knit clothes for a high learning institution or learn more about business while working in a retail store.

It would be best if you do not despise any opportunity you have to gain experience since it will assist you in increasing your employability and building your portfolio as well as a resume. While pursuing your degree, it would be best if you considered your overall academic performance. Most employers seek to employ people who, apart from being talented, also have good academic performance. Therefore, as a student, if you have difficulty completing your assignments because of unavoidable reasons, you might consider seeking assistance from reputable custom writing companies, such as Peachy Essay.

Pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Art and History

It is essential to remember that fashion is a form of wearable art. Therefore, it would be best to develop a good understanding of fashion history. Researchers also believe that courses in Art Philosophy could also perform an essential role in expressing and putting the ideas into the proper context. If you are still confused over where to start, you might consider checking the Art History degrees in Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Pursue a short design course

It is essential to note that in the current generation, graphics are almost everywhere, including in the fashion industry. While pursuing your fashion interests, you must never forget that paper and a pair of scissors will not do the trick. Whereas a bachelor’s degree tends to take a couple of years to complete, short courses tend to take a shorter duration, and you will equally gain a lot of knowledge. For instance, a short course in design will teach you design research, product design, and the graphical representation of cloth designs. Therefore, if you have the time and resources, you might consider doing short courses while still pursuing your Bachelor’s degree.

Most students were interested in becoming doctors, nurses, teachers, pilots, engineers, and other well-known professions in the recent past. However, there has been a different turn of events since people are interested in how they look as well as what they wear. Whereas becoming a fashion designer requires an individual to have artistic and creative abilities, you also need to perform well academically. As a student, you should also remember that although you will develop the necessary knowledge and skills by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, it does not guarantee you that you will be successful in the highly competitive fashion enterprise. You will also need to spare time, find a suitable niche in the market, meet new people, network, and learn more about growing a business. It would be best to start making arrangements to meet with people in the fashion industry as early as when you are still a student. On a similar note, to be successful, you will also need to be watchful for both the unpaid and paid internship opportunities.